T1 Advertising’s Thomas Herd Leads Digital Marketing Gold Rush


While Bitcoin and crypto currency may get a lot of attention, there are other industries growing at rocket speed. 

Another goldrush emerging industry is digital marketing, which in recent years has introduced some new players like Talent Resources, Ascend, and T1 Advertising that have grown exponentially as the entire retail market began to shift to digital. 
Leading this curve for the past few years has been Forbes Magazine columnist and thought leader Thomas Herd

His peers in the digital marketing community point to Herd as being the first agency owner to engineer scientific solutions for every single key performance metric (KPI) in digital that a brand or entrepreneur could seek, from first to market customer acquisition and revenue scaling solutions to breakthrough solutions for Instagram and tik tok growth to media authority consensus building strategies that establish and separate his brand partners as the clear leaders for their respective fields. 

Herd’s framework around building industry leaders and then leveraging their industry leader status into record high revenue scaling on a sustainable basis has been responsible for the growth of more than 15 emerging industry leading brands into 9-10 figure valued companies. through the process establishing a quantifiable science to digital marketing. This methodology is succinctly described on T1 Advertising’s website

We establish our clients as the overwhelmingly clear new industry-leaders for

their market on the channels where consumers (in D2C) or business

prospects (in B2B) will vet them in order to purchase, improving their average cost per acquisition/conversion rate by at least 30% from where they started risk-free.

Then we leverage their new outright superiority in class (with its 30%+ better CPA/conversion rate) into record high & stable ROI via direct ads/outreach, 

ultimately furnishing our brands with a reliable, thoroughly proven growth curve that they can rely on to scale at the highest & most predictable ROI multiplier for the sustainable long term.

This is the only scientific, unvarying road to sustainable scaling and the reason why we have grown over 10 start up businesses into 9-10 figure valuation companies.

With us, you have the complete track record, tools, and process to make sure you achieve your goals.

And a simple look at T1 Advertising’s client list and the fact many of these brands have grown into 9-10 figure valued companies in the past few years under their stewardship speaks for itself. 

Ultimately, Herd’s contribution has made the digital marketplace a more friendly space for brands eager for success to navigate, and according to the ambitious CEO, this is just the tip of the iceberg for how he plans to revolutionize his field. 

To learn more about Herd’s scientific system for growing brands without risk, check out www.t1advertising.com or visit his Forbes Magazine profile.

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