How to Become a Freelance Copywriter: A Beginner’s Guide

Thinking about becoming a freelance copywriter? Wise choice. Every single business out there needs copywriting services, regardless of its size or specialization. Companies hire copywriters to work with ads, emails, posts on social media, presentations, product descriptions, landing pages, and plenty of other copies. This is a form of marketing that helps a business to grow and achieve its goals. 

Aside from being in high demand, a career as a copywriter is rewarding. It gives you flexible working hours and location independence to work remotely anywhere you want. Besides, you can pick your niche and write about areas you are passionate about. Our guide will help you to get started as a copywriter.

Work on Your Skills

To become a freelance copywriter, you do not need any fancy equipment or software. Yet, the job requires a person to have a specific skill set.

Naturally, you need good writing skills. Many students hate writing assignments at school, but the knowledge of how to write a five paragraph essay might actually help you become a copywriter. Of course, you do not need to follow the same strict rules to structure or format copies, but writing practice allows you to hone skills and express yourself better in writing. 

Another fundamental skill is creativity. To write engaging copies and grab readers’ attention from the first line, you need to offer them an unusual perspective. You can suggest a new angle, appeal to emotions, or evoke a response from the audience with vivid images. It requires you to be open to exploration and work on creative thinking. 

Copywriters do much more than just express an opinion. The aim of a copy is to persuade the audience, reinforcing the message with solid arguments. To accomplish it, you might want to turn to academic writing and learn more about argumentative essay format. It will help you to write more persuasive texts. 

Do not worry if you are young and just making your first steps in the field. A lot of companies are willing to train their employees. Be open to learn new things and adapt to the strategies and vision of the company you work for. Most importantly, never stop improving your skills. Sign up for courses, read books, join workshops, and take every opportunity to learn that comes your way. 

Choose Your Niche

Copywriting comes in different types and forms. Creative, technical, marketing, and SEO copywriting types have their own features and purposes. Trying everything might be beneficial only at the beginning. However, dabbling in all areas, you cannot get a clear focus or reach mastery. Therefore, it is more productive to find your niche and follow your career path within it. 

Finding your area also means choosing a subject you enjoy writing about. Start with thinking about your personal experiences and interests. Maybe you are into yoga, and you want to write about its philosophy and practices. If you cannot live without movies, you can create reviews and, for example, tell people about your favorite musical In the Heights. Finding the area you actually care about helps you to write better as you become more emotionally involved in the process. Additionally, it gives you a chance to find your ideal clients. 

It is not a secret that employers are more likely to hire people with relevant previous experience. This is the reason why it is important to decide on what you want to write about. A clear focus sets the foundation for your future career and helps you to become an expert in your niche. 

Find Your First Clients

How to get clients? This is the main question all new copywriters think about. The first step is to have a crystal-clear idea of who you are and what you offer. Think about companies and brands you will be excited to write for and the type of content you want to offer them.

Next, build your online portfolio with samples of your writing. If you do not have any, consider taking some unpaid tasks or draft some copies on your own. Be sure to include exactly the type of content you offer. For instance, if you want to get paid for writing emails, include a couple of such samples in your portfolio. Beginners tend to put a lot of blog posts instead because it is the easiest type of content to write and share. Yet, unless you want to become a blog writer, such content is unlikely to help you find your clients. 

If you are considering a copywriting job, it means that you are a creative person. Use your creativity and the power of words to sell your own services. You should pitch yourself as a freelance copywriter on different platforms. Share what you do and offer ideas on LinkedIn, your personal website, Instagram, and Facebook. You can also consider creating an account on Upwork and look for freelance copywriting jobs there. By letting people know what you are doing and what value you can bring to their company, you give your potential clients an actual chance to find and hire you. 

Once you get your first clients, ask them for a testimonial. You can place them on the sidebar or sales page of your website. They will make your services look more credible and trustworthy. Thus, you will increase your chances of getting new and new clients.

To Sum Up

Every business needs good writers. To become successful as a copywriter, you should find your niche and put yourself out there. Besides, one cannot overestimate the importance of continuous learning and development. It helps to hone writing skills and get new ideas to communicate messages through copies. 

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