Forrester CMO on the new digital marketer

Brands and marketers now have to find ways to engage in social justice discussions, from Black Lives Matter and racial unrest to consumer demands for sustainability, whether they want to or not.

“A lot of our research shows you can’t stand on the sidelines,” Forrester CMO, Shirley Macbeth told CMO.

Forrester has been building up its research in this area to help brands navigate what can be quite complex, risky territory. Macbeth advises using a form of checklist to help define who a brand wants to be and let that guide marketing responses.

“While it’s not the same for every brand, it’s not enough to do nothing, you can’t say nothing,” she said. “You have to kind of consciously decide where you’re going to weigh in on certain things. And it really goes back to what is your brand? What is the brand essence? And what are those values? And that can help you.”

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