CoderTrust Bangladesh launches ‘Freelancing Innovation Contest 2021’ – Tech Observer

Dhaka in collaboration with Women’s Skill Development for Freelance Marketplace has launched a special competition called ‘Freelancing Innovation Contest 2021.’

The competition which aims to identify a specific problem for freelancers and invites business proposals to solve it, will give a prize of one lakh taka to the winner.

The organiser said that they are looking for a plan that can be implemented on the go and reach the unique peak of success in the freelancing industry in Bangladesh.

Freelancing as a has now become extremely popular. Thousands of freelancers are being created in Bangladesh every year, they are earning a lot more and bringing in foreign currency, and contributing to the development of the country.

There is also a domestic marketplace for freelancers to earn. These marketplaces have the facility to get jobs from various local companies.

But it also shows that many people are trying to start their careers as freelancers but are not succeeding, they are failing due to various problems and obstacles.

If the solution to all these problems could be found at hand or if entrepreneurs could come up with innovative business ideas with ways to overcome obstacles, then millions of freelancers would benefit from the service, as well as Bangladesh in this infinite potential.

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