This British startup with founders from Minsk and Moscow just got £725K to help companies with digital marketing

In general, marketing teams make decisions mostly based on gut feeling with a lot of manual work involved and very little data. The UK-based company SegmentStream is here to change that and has just raised $1 million (approx £725K) funding in a seed round of investments. 

Who backed SegmentStream?

The investors in the round include venture funds OKS Group, Tiny VC, Dynamic Yield CEO Liad Egmon, Pipedrive founders Martin Henk, Ragnar Sass and Martin Taur, as well as a number of other SaaS entrepreneurs and business angels.

Further, the Untitled Ventures along with TechStars accelerator invested $300K in the company at the pre-seed stage.

Based out of London, SegmentStream is a data intelligence platform that helps unify data from various data sources into a user’s data warehouse and apply advanced analytics and attribution. The startup aims to use the latest funds for hiring more and also products scaling.  

Founded by Constantine Yurevich, and Pavel Petrinich in 2018, SegmentStream aims to help companies get the maximum value from their data by providing them with a platform that covers every aspect of data-driven marketing, from data collection to activation.

It’s a SaaS platform for analysing and improving digital marketing’s effectiveness, using machine learning technologies. The company offers solutions that make it easier for marketers to analyse and automatically reallocate the budget to achieve the best result.

At present, the product is used by more than 100 companies including, United Colors of Benetton, New Balance, Nespresso, MyToys, Eventim, and many others, from 14 countries. 

38% growth in 2021

SegmentStream says it has witnessed a steady growth of more than 10% month-on-month in US dollars. Since the beginning of 2021 alone, the company’s monthly revenues in US dollars have grown by more than 38% and continues to grow.

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