Student Involvement and Employment Fair 2021

On Feb. 3, Kean University hosted the Student Involvement and Employment Fair. There, participants were able to gain information on how to get involved during the spring semester. At this virtual event, students had the opportunity to meet with the different departments and organizations that Kean has to offer. 

The event’s main purpose was to help students get involved and learn more about their interests.

“This fair gives students, both new and former, the opportunity to connect with different organizations,” said Jonathon Lopez, coordinator of Student Involvement.

The Involvement Center is a central place for information and resources for campus involvement. It is to the Involvement Center that student organizations report for assistance, guidance and resources. For a student that is not a part of any specific organizations, the center can be used to learn about all of the different kinds of involvement opportunities, from campus employment to attending events, joining organizations or even starting new organizations.

In previous years, the Student Involvement and Employment Fair was an in-person event. However, with COVID-19, Kean University prioritized student safety by holding this program online. Students who participated were able to RSVP through Cougar Link. 

Engaging in the involvement fair was a simple process. Once logged on to Cougar Link, students could find a list of organizations who were participating in the event. From there, if participants were interested, they could join the virtual conference to gain more information. Additionally, if students felt lost, there was a virtual help desk where attendees could speak to an involvement specialist for guidance.

The involvement fair was broken into two separate sessions. The first session included departments and offices, while the other focused on student groups and organizations.

The departments and offices program took place from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. This session focused on departments that could help students with future endeavors. In this session, over 20 different groups participated including: Human Rights Institute, Career Services and Office of Student Government.

Alisha Quesada, graduate assistant for Career Services, emphasized the importance of Career Services and how they can help students get access to resources to better their resumes as well as find internships and jobs.

For more information on Career Services contact them at

The student groups and organizations fair happened between 3 to 4:30 p.m. In this time, over 47 groups were in attendance including the EEO society, Helping Younger Hands and Kean Got Talent. In this time, students spoke to organizations that interested them and were able to gain information about the groups and their upcoming events. 

In these difficult times, it is important for students to connect with one another and find organizations to be a part of. Katherine Davila, graduate intern for P.U.L.S.E, said, “we need to be involved as much as possible.” Additionally, when it comes to the Student Involvement and Employment Fair, Davila hopes that students can feel inspired to be a part of the student community.

If students missed out on this event and are interested in learning more, they can find further information on Cougar Link. 

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