Hamamatsu Selects SGP for Product Messaging, Research, and Digital Marketing Expertise

Hamamatsu’s NanoZoomer is a digital solution that produces extremely accurate, high-quality, and high-resolution digital slides of pathology samples that can be shared and stored much more easily than physical glass slides. The NanoZoomer facilitates faster second opinions and comprehensive digital libraries that contribute to global pathology knowledge and the advancement of disease remediation. In addition to shaping the product’s positioning and messaging, SGP’s market research will contribute to a report investigating the barriers and challenges pathologists face in using digital versus physical slides.

“For more than a hundred years, pathologists around the world have primarily relied on physical glass slides to make a diagnosis,” said Don Ariyakumar, product manager at Hamamatsu. “Even today, most U.S. pathologists will mail glass slides across the country to get a second opinion. Our NanoZoomer product seeks to change that by creating digital slides that can be trusted for their exceptional quality, and that are easy to share and store. We’re thrilled to be partnering with the SGP team, whose deep healthcare marketing expertise will help us more fully understand the needs of the marketplace, and how NanoZoomer can address those needs.”

“Hamamatsu is an internationally recognized leader in the photonics devices space, and is poised to revolutionize digital pathology with a product the market can trust and depend on,” said Boh Hatter, chief marketing officer and general manager, marketing, at SGP. “We’re excited to work with the dedicated team at Hamamatsu and help them gain a deeper understanding of the pathology market, their needs, pain points, and challenges. Having that kind of meaningful, global impact on the healthcare industry is what drives our SGP team.”

About Hamamatsu Photonics K.K.

Hamamatsu Photonics K.K. is a leading manufacturer of photonics devices. We design, manufacture, and sell optical sensors, light sources, optical components, cameras, photometry systems, and measurement/analysis systems. Web site: www.NanoZoomer.com 

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