Kartik Choudhary: Youngest Digital Marketer of New Delhi

Kartik Choudhary additionally called the Youngest Digital Marketer in New Delhi, is accomplishing tremendous heights at such a young age. He is a Digital Marketer and Entrepreneur and is also a keen learner.

At this age, in which different students of his age are losing their time in playing video games, chit-chatting, watching movies, etc., Kartik’s idea of doing something unique, in order that he can stand out of the gang. He commenced his Digital Marketing enterprise named Fame Exports in Mid-2020 and supplied all digital advertising services like Social Media management, website development, SEO, and many others. His work and efforts were appreciated and at that point, he was also featured on many websites. He used to work hard day and night, simply to turn out to be an expert in his subject. This youngest Digital marketer in New Delhi commenced getting respect from many well-known personalities as he made them happy via his digital marketing competencies. He was given the Digital marketing certificate from google which becomes his first success.

After working with 30 clients and 7 brands, he employed a team of 5 participants together with the article writer, editor, journalist, advertisements expert, and so forth. The coordination of the crew is remarkable and recently, they finished a hundred clients which include 12 brands. Fame Exports have worked with Amway, forever, Vestige, Niraag wellness, A+, Theoly India, and many different brands. In the future additionally, they’re all set to work with different famous brands like Tata, Ponds, Nutrilite, and so on.

After earning quite a few appreciate in this area, he determined to start influencer marketing and celebrity management as well, as he had contacts with many famous influencers, creators, and actors. So, he started a separate influencer marketing business enterprise named Hyena Media with his near and dear friend Geet Ahuja. And most effective in a span of 60 days, they were given 37 song projects and have become a known face in the industry. He’s handling 30+ popular influencers on Instagram and is hooked up with extra than three hundred creators. Kartik Choudhary recently got appreciated by Sonu Sood on a voice call. That is itself a large achievement.

Let’s wish him extra fulfillment in the future!

Published February 6th, 2021

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