Jennifer Brooks: Taking the industry of digital marketing to much greater heights

Jennifer’s business mind-set and skills helped her succeed in the digital world.

We are facing the digital revolution well and truly. It is in its prime and grows every day. We’re at a stage where all businesses, whether large or small, are changing their way of doing business and going digital. The opportunity for entrepreneurs has increased four times over, due to the availability of the internet and related companies in the world. One such dynamic entrepreneur who has left no stone unturned to emerge as a successful digital marketer is Jennifer Brooks.

Jennifer is a successful digital marketer, social media influencer, and owner of the International social media advertising company International Loops. Within the social media marketing industry, International Loops is a million-dollar company. Jennifer has a wonderful ability to network and bring people together, which is why with International Loops she had been so effective. She understood how to solve problems that other Social media agencies frequently charge, such as exorbitant costs for influencer marketing. She has also formed a tactical team of investors to hire some of the biggest celebrities and influencers of social media to manage their promotions. She concentrated on bringing together a highly skilled and seasoned team of digital marketers and salespeople to carry out their promotions, reinforcing the role of International Loops as the leading social media marketing industry leader.

Jennifer has supported individuals and brands to expand their followers on Instagram since its creation in 2015. Today, the International Loops Instagram account shows efficiency of about one million marks. The company’s campaigns have already become some of the most valued marketing campaigns on and off social media through the widely successful marketing strategies Jennifer has created. In the phenomenally successful promotions, celebrities such as Floyd Mayweather, Jamie Foxx, Keyshia Cole among others have been involved. Today, International Loops encompasses over one billion people with unprecedented scope. This means that consumers who partner with them can see a big spike in traffic to their social media accounts.

The secret to her success is determination and the individuals who encourage her to do more are her real mentors.

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