Success is all about passion and perseverance, proved by Vivek Kumar Nagi, The Digital Marketing Expert

Achieving real success is all about breaking the barriers of the comfort zone and working relentlessly. And this is what the young Digital Marketer and E-Commerce Expert Vivek Kumar Nagi proved too.

The talented young man, in his early ‘20s, was passionate about online early for a long time. His quest to do something different pushed him on the roads of the entrepreneurial journey of being an E-Commerce and Dropshipping Expert.

The talented young soul was attracted to business and understanding how online earning works. While in college doing B. Tech CSE Engineering, he started his entrepreneurial journey in 2016. Since then, a self-dependent person gave up everything and worked day and night to live a comfortable and lavish life, like the one living today.

Trends change all the time in the digital space, and to be a prominent leader, one needs to have patience. Vivek knew this, and to reach the first grand milestone of success, it took 5 years. Accomplishing sales of over 7 million rupees from the ecommerce site and yet a lot more to come, Vivek turned his struggle to success that shines with all its strength.

With tremendous power and faith, he expanded his horizon and soon became the Certified FB and Google Ads Expert as well as Certified Digital Marketer by Google and Facebook. A Branding Expert, Vivek has also helped numerous businesses and brands to create a unique name and position in the market.

A real example of a high-performing and resilient entrepreneur who fought against all the odds and became the top Digital Marketer in the Indian E-Commerce Industry, Vivek Kumar Nagi, proved success is about being persistent.

Looking forward to expanding his business, Vivek, a well-known name in the Digital Marketing and ECommerce Industry, is ready to build a vast empire inspiring various young minds. Planning to launch the Digital Marketing agency, Vivek looks forward to creating social media a perfect platform for brands to reach their maximum potential, a truly inspiring plan.

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