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It is no secret to anyone that SEO strategies this year will have a special relevance. With the growth of electronic commerce as well as the role that the digital environment will play in general terms, occupying the first positions within spaces like Google will be crucial.

Additionally, we are talking about a strategy that in terms of costs promises too much despite how volatile the prices of digital advertising are right now.

The concern to improve efforts in this area has to do with the opportunities offered by occupying a privileged place within search engines. At least 61 percent of marketers rank it as the top priority for inbound marketing activities, according to HubSpot. In addition, for 57 percent of those involved in the B2B segment, SEO allows them to generate more leads than any other marketing activity.

Given the habits, needs and interests gained in the midst of the health crisis, this aspect will become even more relevant, if we consider that, as indicated by a recent study, on the one hand, 86 percent of marketing professionals consider that reaching their goals Goals this year will be more difficult, which takes another reading if you assume that 65 percent of them say that their budgets will be depleted.

This places SEO solutions as great allies for the work of marketers. The focus on channels that with less investment involve greater and better results will be the norm.

In fact, only 4 percent of marketing teams believe that SEO will lose importance in the coming months, a figure that is in contrast to the 63 percent who are clear that efforts in this area will gain weight in the post-coronavirus world.

Although the options and advantages are many around SEO strategies, the truth is that Google started the year with an update that cannot go unnoticed.

We are talking about the update that is now known as the December 2020 Core Update, which has impacted the visibility of many large media and that will undoubtedly affect any SEO strategy that is to come.

This change, for example, has made popular online media in Spain see their visibility grow (although not necessarily traffic) to interesting levels: El País and eldiario.es, increased their visibility by 40.98 percent and by 23.93 percent respectively.

The modification put on the table by Google does nothing more than raise the bar around the efforts made in terms of SEO, a situation that for the teams behind these campaigns means having greater control and better monitoring the results obtained with this type of actions.

Although the number of metrics to consider can be as diverse as the number of objectives to be met, the truth is that there are three that should be basic for any SEO effort, which are worth having on the radar during 2021 which is especially important for this type of campaign.

DA (Domain Authority)

Functional to define the authority that a domain has, an entire website and was established by MOZ, one of the main SEO tools.

It is measured on a scale of 1 to 100 and the larger it is, the better the options to appear in the first places of Google. With this metric it must be considered that a website can be harmed if it receives links from a domain with little authority.

PA (Page Authority)

Also defined by MOZ, this measure considers both the quality and the quantity of inbound links to a specific page. The difference with the previous metric is that it measures the performance of each page separately, something especially interesting when designing an internal linking strategy.

DR (Domain Rating)

It measures the authority of a domain globally. It is a metric comparable to both the domain authority (DA) and the original Pagerank (PR) that Google no longer shows publicly.

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