FinanceFeeds | ACY Securities promotes FX industry marketing veteran Ashley Jessen to COO

Ashley Jessen is a senior marketing executive within the FX industry with a very high quality career background. Today, ACY Securities promotes him to the position of Chief Operating Officer

Ashley Jessen, a leading marketing name within the Australian foreign exchange industry, has been appointed Chief Operating Officer at ACY Securities after one year and a half as Head of Marketing, based in Sydney.

ACY Securities is one of the fastest-growing multi-asset brokers in Australia. According to Jessen, what he found most impressive with the firm since he joined in 2019, is “their focus on developing cutting-edge FinTech products to build more engagement among traders around the world”.

As Head of Marketing he was in charge of developing the digital marketing strategy, campaigns, marketing budgeting and spending, creating and executing the content marketing and SEO strategy, social media strategy, among other tasks. In a time where image and brand positioning are key factors in a successful financial services business, it comes as no surprise to see the marketing expert occupying the COO post.

Prior to joining ACY Securities, Ashley Jessen was the Chief Executive Officer ProfileBooster, a digital marketing firm specialized in the financial services industry that he co-founded in 2015.

Jessen first joined the trading industry as a sales manager in 2000, but in 2002 he built a team of five traders to find opportunities in the international markets and trade CFDs and shares. There, he developed a taste for coaching and trading education. He put into practice those skills at CMC Markets as a sales manager from 2004 to 2008, founded education web portal Learn CFDs and wrote a number of trading books, including CFDs Made Simple.

Later in his career, he became Director of London Capital Group-owned Capital CFD. In 2013, he joined Invast Financial Services as Director of Communications and Marketing. From all the above-mentioned experiences and knowledge he founded the digital marketing firm ProfileBooster in 2015 before joining ACY Securities in 2019.

It was in 2019 that ACY Securities rebranded from ACY Capital following the acquisition of Synergy FX, which took place in H2 2018. In the follow-up to the rebranding, the retail CFD broker rolled out a new MT5 trading platform, securities trading, a new client portal, and a new MAM System.

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