Most Dutch expect to keep working from home after pandemic

About 40 percent of Netherlands residents are currently working from home, at least part of the week. About 75 percent of them expect they will continue to work from home, full-time or near-full-time, after the coronavirus pandemic is over, according to a survey of 1,250 Dutch employees by market researcher Telecompaper, ANP reports.

Many Dutch workers still don’t have a proper workplace at home. Just over 25 percent said they have a healthy, ergonomic workplace at home. 38 percent have a separate workplace, but have not taken ergonomics into account. 15 percent don’t have a specific workplace, and 15 percent work at their kitchen table.

About 75 percent of home workers have a WiFi connection at home. 3 percent have no fixed internet and use mobile data to work from home. 

Almost a third of respondents said they don’t miss anything about working in the office. Just over half said they miss the free coffee. A third miss the travel allowance. And about 20 percent miss the free or cheap lunch. 

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