Paintings by celebrated Scottish colourist go on display online

“There were paintings everywhere,” the broadcaster and former politician said of his grandfather’s home, Wilby House, which he would visit as a child and is now a care home. “For a small person, as I was then, the pictures could be intimidating.”

In an article for The Daily Telegraph, he added: “I have been back to Kirkcaldy a number of times.  When I am within striking distance, I make my way to the gallery to see the paintings.  It is interesting how memory works.  I may see a canvas and immediately know just where it hung in Wilby House.  “Ah, you’re the one that I thought might crush me”.  

While Kirkcaldy Gallery is currently closed to visitors, gallery staff have been filmed talking about their favourite Peploe paintings in the collection, and the artist’s enduring appeal.

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