Æsir Technologies, Inc. Celebrates Successful Deployment of Nickel Zinc Battery Technology at a Data Center in the Southeastern United States

JOPLIN, Mo., Jan. 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Æsir Technologies, Inc. (Æsir), a recent spinoff from ZAF Energy Systems Inc., announced today the one-year anniversary of the successful deployment of its Nickel Zinc Battery Technology (NiZn) at a data center in Atlanta.

While Æsir (www.aesirtec.com) initiated numerous other deployments in 2020, its work in Atlanta demonstrates the promise that NiZn technology has when it comes to improving the operational efficiency of data centers when they replace lead acid batteries.

“We can help create major efficiencies for data centers, which will ultimately benefit everyone from their employees to their customers,” said Randy Moore, President and CEO of Æsir. “This deployment and the others that followed in 2020 will fuel the acceptance of the new technology, especially from those existing manufacturers of lead acid batteries who recognize the value of licensing NiZn technology.”

Dozens of data centers are already onboard with the new battery technology.

“We have been very impressed with the ease of installation and reliability of the NiZn batteries in our 750kVa UPS,” said the vice president of operations at an Atlanta data center, who spoke on condition of his anonymity.  “We replaced the traditional VRLA batteries and have seen tremendous improvements in charging and discharging times, less cooling load and a tremendous weight reduction.  These batteries are a game changer.”

While data center managers are hesitant to speak publicly about the technology, they willingly embrace the benefits. The technology, which is also applicable to other industries, is especially powerful in the data center market, where it:

  • is a much lower cost solution over a 20-year life (half the cost of lead acid, 33 percent lower than “pure” lead acid, and 20 percent lower than lithium);
  • offers better performance since it operates at higher temperatures, thus reducing air handling and safety requirements;
  • is reliable, including a 10-year warranty;
  • is safe, since it is non-toxic, non-combustible, non-explosive, RoHS compliant and full recyclable; and
  • offers the highest IRR with a combination of performance, reliability, and value.

The Ni-Zn chemistry is an alkaline battery with long life, high power, and low levelized cost of energy.  ZAF’s batteries can also be cycled more than 900 times at 80 percent depth-of-discharge, with additional advantages including, fast recharge capability, high tolerance to extreme temperatures, sealed maintenance-free design, and easily recyclable chemistry.  Ni-Zn is a lightweight and low-cost alternative to lead-acid, nickel-metal hydride, nickel-cadmium, and lithium-ion technologies. 

About Æsir Technologies, Inc.

On January 1, 2021, ZAF Energy Systems, Inc. announced the spinoff of Æsir Technologies, Inc., which will provide advanced energy storage solutions to the specialty markets of aerospace, defense, medical, and critical infrastructure. Æsir had been a wholly owned subsidiary of ZAF. For more information, visit www.aesirtec.com 

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