Nishant Piyush, an ace digital marketer and entrepreneur, lays out a few digital marketing trends to look out for in 2021

There is a pool of opportunities that is waiting for brands and businesses, which if used smartly can give astounding results through the digital space.

The world we are living in right now is something we did not even imagine a year back. The kind of changes that it has seen in just a year is unbelievable for many business industries and fields. On one end, companies laid off employees and shut shops, while on the other end, the pandemic gave rise to the digital world, where brands and people could come under one roof and thrive through robust digital marketing services. This has led to the massive changes in the industry, which people can expect in 2021.

2020 went by much chaos and confusion in the business world; now it is time to look forward and see a brighter future, which can change the marketing landscape of the world for the better. Nishant Piyush, an ace digital marketer and entrepreneur, who is excited to launch his new digital marketing agency in Dubai says that the past year was unpredictable, to say the least, where many trends that were predicted pre-pandemic came to light and many others did not see the light of the day.

Below are a few digital marketing trends of 2021 that the young entrepreneur suggests people to focus on.

• Rise in live-streams: Stay at home work changed many things for people all over the world. This gave rise to live-streams, be it branded live-stream, from their favourite celebrities or any other online workshops, leading to many influencers promoting their favourite products and services during live events. This new trend may even permeate in 2021 and marketers and influencers can maximize these live events for promotions, selling, etc.

• Rise in purpose-driven brands: Looking at the effects of the pandemic and many other environmental issues arising, people worldwide have become more conscious of what they wear, use and eat. This has led them to search for brands that are sustainable or are purpose-driven. Marketers are leveraging this opportunity through robust digital marketing by ingraining the brand’s purpose in consumers’ minds, which has ultimately seen an increase in people resorting to sustainable brands.

• Increase in visual and voice search: Since people have been stuck at home and have had very few conversations with people, they have resorted to searching via voice-activated tools such as Alexa. Also, because this type of technology is more readily available. Apart from this, the visual search is also seeing a rise. For example, Google Lens enables consumers to search for all those things that they can see. This has led marketers to search for more image alt-text and also sitemaps for images. In the SEO game, visuals are going to be extremely important.

In addition to the above points, the rising digital entrepreneur in Dubai, Nishant Piyush says that marketers may also need to make content and marketing that is easy to consume for people like podcasts that they can listen anywhere anytime.

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