Let’s Get Growing: Gmail CRMs Are ‘In’ for 2021

Look at what Google has achieved over the past 30 years. We google everything, and we’ve been googling everything for as long as we can remember. We’ve got Android phones, designed by Google, and we’re all on Gmail. In fact, whole businesses are run out of Google these days, with a delectable buffet of programmes and features. Google, with Gmail, Contacts, G Suite, and now Workspace, is an unparalleled hub of productivity; a place to get things done.

But what if we told you Google’s functionality could go even further..?

The Gmail Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software market is a burgeoning industry. There are dozens of platforms to choose from, with hundreds of different features to pinpoint. This article tells you why you need a CRM for Gmail, what it can do for you, and the five best systems to choose from that’ll help you grow.

Sounds good, so let’s get growing.

What is Gmail CRM?

Gmail CRM (CRM for Google, CRM inside Gmail, CRM for G Suite) brings powerful customer relationship management tools right into Gmail, integrating directly into the World’s most popular email client. A CRM that integrates with Gmail gets rid of all the repetitive, humdrum tasks that marketers, customer supporters, and especially salespeople engage with daily. There is a long list of specific benefits and features that come with CRM for Gmail, and it’s always growing.

  1. Having CRM inside Gmail means saving time, having all your precious data under the main tab. Salespeople spend all their time in their inbox, so that’s where CRM should be.
  2. CRM for Gmail soups up lead generation processes by eliminating manual data entry.
  3. It gives marketing teams complete access to data, with which they can segment and personalise their marketing campaigns.
  4. A CRM integrated with Gmail brings everybody’s data together under one umbrella, facilitating closer alignment between sales, marketing, and customer support teams.
  5. Improves response times by centralising queries and complaints from across multiple customer engagement channels.
  6. CRM inside Gmail automatically tracks and reports the performance of employees, helping drive momentum and results.
  7. It can help manage the recruitment process for HR professionals, acting as a vast database for incoming job candidates which can be tagged as soon as they land.
  8. Gmail CRM integrates closely with the tools you’re already using, so your processes don’t need to change, just have the fat trimmed off them.
  9. It automates email drip campaign list collection, template building, personalisation, and campaign performance.

CRM that integrates with Gmail automates humdrum sales workflows, giving a sales team the time they deserve and need to provide a truly personal experience.

“Gmail CRM bends to fit a business, rather than that business having to bend to fit the system.”, Andrei Petrik, CEO at NetHunt CRM.

Traditional, enterprise-sized CRM providers bring massive, clunking servers into an office, take three days to learn through dedicated training sessions, and come with a load of different features that nobody ever uses. Instead, businesses of all sizes have found that Gmail CRM works for them because it’s so flexible. A CRM integration for Gmail grows alongside a business, so let’s get growing.

Do you need a CRM for Gmail?

Have you got tab fatigue from dipping in between different tabs all day? Is your in-house CRM system sucking up viable resources; spreading IT Support’s resources too thin? Do you ever find that leads and customers just… disappear? Are your teams working as closely together as they can be? Is there a Post-It note problem festering in your office? Is colleague and employee CRM-usage lower than it should be? Are there a bunch of different features on your existing CRM that you don’t even know how to use? Does a duck with one leg swim in circles?

Yes. It’s time to choose a CRM that integrates with your Gmail.

Here are the top 5 trailblazing Gmail CRM systems to check out in 2021.

NetHunt CRM

NetHunt is a Gmail CRM that turns your favourite email service into a fully-fledged, fully-customisable CRM system. It’s not a sidebar solution, only the real deal. The platform is intuitively built around ‘Records’, a collection of communications, tasks, and relevant files, that are attached to different ‘Contacts’, each placed along a visualised and prioritised pipeline. Workflows are automated, and the bulk email feature allows users to send mass, pre-templated, segmented marketing campaigns straight out of a Gmail inbox.

In 2021, NetHunt have promised to release a shedload of integrations with Outlook, Whatsapp, Twilio, Slack, and Facebook Messenger.

NetHunt CRM for Gmail at a glance

  • Existing data import & comprehensive data input.
  • Automatic deal recognition & capture.
  • Shared conversations.
  • Full Google Workspace integration.
  • One-click lead capture.
  • Extensive customisation.
  • Duplicate contact management.
  • Email templates.
  • Inter-team communication.
  • Pipeline management.
  • Notification scheduling
  • Lead management and nurturing.
  • Fully automated reports.
  • Mobile apps.
  • Email tracking.
  • Native and Zapier integrations.

How much does NetHunt Gmail CRM cost?

✅ 14 day free trial upon initial registration; no credit card required.

Professional: $24 per user/month; paid annually

Professional Plus: $28 per user/month; paid annually

Enterprise: $48 per user/month; paid annually

Streak CRM

Streak for Gmail is another lightweight CRM companion, fully integrated with Gmail as opposed to being a simple sidebar integration. It’s an option for small businesses, as well as for smaller teams within enterprise companies. Like NetHunt, it lives inside your Gmail inbox on both web and mobile and offers full G Workspace integration. Streak’s marketing promises an ‘organic version of your existing workflow’, and they work towards that end with lightweight, but juicy pipeline, lead generation, and lead nurturing features.

It has to be said that the downside to Streak is that it doesn’t include bulk email features such as sequences or drip campaigns.

Streak CRM for Gmail at a glance

  • Data import and input.
  • Full customer context.
  • Shared conversations.
  • Extensive customisation through integrations.
  • Notification scheduling
  • Bulk emailing features.
  • Pipeline management.
  • Lead management and nurturing.
  • Fully automated reports.
  • Free version available.

How much does Streak Gmail CRM cost?

❌ Streak does not offer a free trial, only a free version with limited features.

Professional: $49 per user/month; paid annually

Enterprise: $129 per user/month; paid annually

Hubspot CRM

HubSpot is not a fully-integrated Gmail CRM. Instead, it’s a sidebar-integration that provides full, shared customer context amongst a team. It relinquishes the need for manual data input with automated outreach features and automatic sales activity logging, before visualising it in one place for everybody in a team to see. HubSpot’s USP is that it is entirely free, and always will be. However, wannabe users will have to pay more for extra sales and marketing features.

HubSpot Gmail CRM at a glance

  • Full pipeline visibility in real-time.
  • Email tracking.
  • Meeting scheduler app.
  • Email automation.
  • Chatbot builder.
  • Online form builder.
  • Email templates.
  • Social media tools.

How much does HubSpot Gmail CRM cost?

HubSpot has a free plan with limited features

Starter: $45 per user/month, paid annually

Professional: $450 per user/month, paid annually

Enterprise: $1,200 per user/month, paid annually

Copper CRM

Copper blends effortlessly into Gmail, having been designed with the Google Material Tool. This Gmail CRM offers quick access to customer data and context inside your inbox, as is the norm. Copper’s marketing centres on its reporting features, with automated reporting and forecasting for everything that you might need it. Furthermore, emails, calls, events, and other productivity documents are automatically recorded, which means less data input for weary employee fingers. Some integrations are also offered for MailChimp and Slack, and Copper also features some primitive AI-driven capabilities.

Copper is not a full Gmail integration; it is a sidebar solution.

Copper CRM for Gmail at a glance

  • Data import and input.
  • Full customer context.
  • Shared conversations.
  • Gamification of sales team statistics.
  • Lead generation, tracking, and management automation.
  • Automated workflows.
  • Sales analytics and forecasting.
  • Pipeline visualisation and management.
  • Pipeline reporting.
  • Goal tracking.

How much does Copper Gmail CRM cost?

Copper offers a free trial; no credit card required.

Basic: $19 per user/month; paid annually

Professional: $49 per user/month; paid annually

Business: $119 per user/month; paid annually

Zoho CRM

Founded in 1996, Zoho has been around the CRM block. It’s a simple CRM system giving an any-sized business a complete set of tools for customer-cycle management, from lead generation to purchase-follow-ups. As a system, Zoho has got the Gmail CRM basics down to a tee, with quick access to contacts and contact management, and lead generation automation tools. If you’re just starting as a ‘home-business’, Zoho appeals to you as a free Gmail CRM. You’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan once your list of employees gets more than three.

Zoho is not a fully-integrated CRM system; it is a sidebar solution.

  • Lead and contact management automation.
  • Workflow automation.
  • Sales process builder.
  • Processing rule automation.
  • Omnichannel support.
  • Social media integrations.
  • Customer portals.
  • Reports and forecasting.
  • Quote generation.
  • Shared calendars.
  • Sales statistic gamification.

How much does Zoho Gmail CRM cost?

✅ Zoho offers a free version, capped at three users.

Standard: $12 per user/month; paid annually

Enterprise: $35 per user/month; paid annually

At best, a CRM integrated with Gmail is going to save your business and turn it into an absolute powerhouse. At worst, it’s going to get your thang together and turn your business into an absolute powerhouse. If you want growth, Gmail CRM brings it.

Let’s get growing 🌱

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