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It is no secret to anyone that the digital environment will grow exponentially during the following year. The reason is none other than the market conditions left by the pandemic that soto the whole world during 2020.

This health emergency led consumers to renew and strengthen their digital DNA, which, added to the reduction in budgets, forced brands to look more strongly at the digital environment.

To show this with reviewing the numbers around the advertising investment and the expected forecasts for the digital budget.

According to the conclusions delivered by WARC in its study Global Advertising Trends: State of The Industry 2020/21, it would take years for the advertising market to recover the numbers it had before the health crisis.

On a specific basis, it is estimated that growth in this indicator will reach 2022; For the end of this year and with the progress that can be obtained at the end of the year, it is expected that the sector will barely reach the numbers registered towards the end of 2019.

During the following year, the forecast indicates that an advance of 6.7 percent will be registered, a percentage that will barely be enough to recover 59 percent of what was lost this year.

Thus, 2020 is expected to close with a 10.2 percent drop in advertising revenue, which translates to $ 63.4 billion in the overall value of the global advertising market.

These figures are read on another scale when the impact is read through advertising channels. And it is that despite it might be thought that everyone except digital is losing, the truth is that there are nuances in this regard that are worth considering.

According to the aforementioned study, linear television will lose 16.1 percent of advertising investment this year, while outdoor advertising will close 2020 with a 27.3 percent drop.

Regarding what is expected for the next twelve months, various sources agree on a frank recovery, although below what was expected just a year ago.

GroupM predicts 12.3 percent growth, Zenith forecasts 5.6 percent growth, and Magna predicts 4 percent growth.

The interesting thing is to recognize that the digital environment will take 61 percent of the global advertising investment.

The truth is that although the digital world will maintain the growth expected for several years, the rules of the environment will change exponentially during the following months, a situation that requires understanding new trends that will grow in the face of 2021.

In this sense, we share three trends in digital that will flourish in the middle of the following and that your brand should have on the radar to grow:

More digital without agencies

The upturn in digital and the facilities that the platforms are offering to advertisers will only facilitate the media buying process, where media agencies will have to endorse their value as advisers rather than as simple intermediaries.

Synthetic media on the rise

Also known as synthetic media will take a leading role in the new normal. These media are those that are based on great technological advances such as artificial intelligence in all its variants.

Perhaps the clearest example is the virtual influencers that have gained relevance during the last year but that the next one will stand out.

This will be a terrain that must be walked with caution since if they are not handled with the necessary prudence and common sense they could cause great problems for brands and users.

TikTok, the new queen

Without a doubt, TikTok has become the platform of the year and during the following months, this position will be endorsed.

The truth is that brands and their marketing teams should understand more effectively the operation of this network, which although it is not new, still has many surprises in the future.

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