Krishan Kumar Srivastava aka Digital Marketing Hijacker says it’s untrue, that good thing comes to those who wait!

The potential scope of digital arenas in the World is growing rapidly. Almost every business and business entity has made their presence over the digital space to connect to a wider audience.

And what’s better than the digital medium in today’s time? Probably everything is getting digitized which has seen the rise of many digital experts today. Krishan Kumar Srivastava hailing from New Delhi, India holds tremendous expertise in Digital Marketing &is a leading name in the industry. He has been into digital marketing for almost half a decade and is a seasoning computer science engineer as well.

Krishan Kumar Srivastava is the founder of Dimagital Media which is a well known marketing firm. In a very short period, his company has built a clientele from different parts of the world including the USA, Canada, India, France, and the UK.

Krishan Kumar Srivastava the successful entrepreneur says “I didn’t get lucky. I worked for it &It’s untrue that good things come to those who wait”. He adds “I believe that there exists The Goddess of Good luck & only Men of Action are favored by her. To attract good luck to oneself,it is necessary to take advantage of opportunities. Those who are eager to grasp opportunities for their betterment, do attract the interest of the Goddess. And if an opportunity doesn’t knock,build a door”

Today Krishan’s company Dimagital Media has been actively working in providing digital solutions and leverages the growth of businesses & people.His worklist is pretty impressive because he has worked with various renowned celebrities along with influencers, music artists,directors, successful entrepreneurs & big corporates. Whether it is digital marketing, branding,social media management and website development this company gives 360-degree exposure to the clients.

In this shoulder to shoulder competition, what matters is the results & quality of work that you provide. Krishan Kumar Srivastava focuses on result-oriented strategies for maximum ROI for his clients & learns every day that makes him different from others. He recently launched his book “Hijack Social Media Marketing” mentors newcomers. He comments his journey is just started and there are many more aspects to cover. We admire his efforts & hope that he procures all of his goals

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