Motoring YouTube channels to binge over the holidays

Hoonigan should really be on every one of these sorts of lists.


Hoonigan should really be on every one of these sorts of lists.

Christmas holidays means a couple of things. Lots of food and lots of spare time. Here are a handful of motoring Youtube channels to help plug that latter hole.

Throttle House

Throttle House comprises two lads doing all sorts of car stuff over in Canada. Thomas and James have access to a track for hot laps, some off-roady bits for… off-roady bits and plenty of Canada’s finest tarmac. The production level here is high and the banter quality is even higher. Definitely one worth checking out.

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Carwow is a UK car buying comparison website designed to help buyers find the best deal, which isn’t relevant to us, but its Youtube channel, headed by Mat Watson, is full of fantastic four-wheeled content. And some two-wheeled stuff as well. The most popular videos are drag races with pretty much every combination of vehicles you can think of, and there are plenty of standard reviews too.

Garage 54

Garage 54 is a newer one for me but they’ve been around for a few years now, mainly doing crazy Russian things you probably haven’t thought of searching for. I’m thinking of building a V12 engine out of three inline-fours, pouring molten metal into a Lada engine while it’s still running and making conrods out of wood.

Mighty Car Mods

For one closer to home, check out Mighty Car Mods. Marty and Moog started filming stuff way back in 2007 on Marty’s mum’s driveway and have evolved to producing properly good content. MCM’s videos are crammed with good information for car people while remaining entertaining enough for the more casual viewers too. Each video is around 20 minutes long too, with the exception of some feature films like the video above, so it’s easy to kill a full day on this channel alone.

Hoonigan Autofocus

Hoonigan Autofocus was my go-to channel throughout most of the two lockdowns we had in Auckland. It takes a closer look at specific car builds across America, some of which are truly incredible. The photography is fantastic and it never gets boring listening to people’s stories about the cars they love. Of course, Hoonigan is also known for hosting the epic Gymkhana series, the most recent of which was released a couple of weeks ago, featuring Travis Pastrana instead of regular Ken Block.

Of course, this isn’t a be-all and end-all list. Sound off on your favourite car channels in the comments – there can never be enough car content!

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