Aaron Welch From Lift Digital Marketing Announces Their Full-Service Marketing for IT and Tech Businesses

Welch has 20-Plus Years of Experience and Knowledge in the Digital Marketing Industry to Implement into His Clients’ Marketing Strategies

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / December 24, 2020 / Aaron Welch from Lift Digital Marketing is pleased to announce their full-service marketing, https://lift-digital.net/, for IT and Tech Businesses.

To learn more about their digital marketing services, please visit https://lift-digital.net/.

With over 20 years of expertise and knowledge in digital marketing, Welch has witnessed first-hand the ever-changing developments in the industry. As a result, he is ready, willing and able to suggest and implement the most innovative methods that bring his clients real results and leads.

“My services help heal ‘pain points’ for IT and tech companies, as well as generate leads for them and ultimately, profits,” Welch said. As a boutique agency, Lift Digital Marketing focuses on the specific needs of each of their valued clients.

Welch understands the unique marketing requirements of each industry and ensures the proper execution of those fundamentals to run a marketing campaign that drives the highest ROI possible. In the case of marketing for Tech Businesses, he knows that the stakes can be especially high because they are selling highly complex products and solutions.

In addition, these companies typically work with a long sales cycle, and millions of dollars can be at stake with each contract that is earned or lost.

“Telling your company’s story, how your product and solution is unique from your competitors, and how your expertise can help your target audience gain a competitive advantage are all difficult tasks and require a lot of skill,” Welch said. Lift Digital Marketing helps their clients successfully accomplish these challenges through their thoughtfully planned and niched marketing efforts.

Welch and the Lift Digital Marketing team have already shown themselves to be extremely effective by increasing their clients’ lead volumes from an average of two per week to hundreds per month. In some cases, the company’s sales pipeline has gone from $5,000 to $10,000 per week and up to $2 million per month.

The program has achieved similar success in the IT services industry; for instance, Welch said that companies have seen an increase in lead volume from an average of seven per week to hundreds each month and an increase in marketing ROI from 2:1 to an impressive 87:1.

Lift Digital Marketing has also been well-received by the professionals who have already taken advantage of the program.

As Bill Dinan, President of Localogy, noted in a review, “I have been very satisfied with the partnership approach implemented by Lift Digital’s marketing. While the results speak for themselves, the true value came from the interaction of both of our teams. I look forward to our future successes together.”

About Aaron Welch and Lift Digital Marketing:

Aaron Welch, Marketing Strategist of Lift Digital Marketing, has helped dozens of IT and Tech businesses increase their ROI by up to 8 times with his Google ad strategies. He has worked with Cisco, IBM, and Rackspace. Click here to find out more about Life Digital Marketing: https://lift-digital.net/


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