IT News Online – eCommerce Agency Proves That eCommerce SEO Isnt Dead Contrary To Popular Belief


SEO for eCommerce sites are assumed to be dead, and many so-called experts endorse the assumption without merit. However, a leading SEO agency continues to rank eCommerce sites successfully.

LONDON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / December 22, 2020 / A popular belief endorsed by many big names in the SEO community is that eCommerce SEO is dead. Some leading experts’ latest reason is Googles’ recently redesigned search page, which pushes organic results to the bottom of the stack. In reality, leading SEO agencies like Bing Digital have continued to rank small, medium, and large eCommerce websites since 2005 very successfully. As an eCommerce SEO agency, Big Digital manages several eCommerce websites, and according to them, “eCommerce SEO has certainly become more competitive, but it isn’t dead.”

In some sense, Bing Digital’s claim and the fact that they optimize numerous websites for clients runs contrary to a recent article published in Entrepreneur. In question published in October 2020, the article stated that Google’s new page update leads to a significant drop in the site’s traffic. The company’s SEO specialist assessed that nothing could be done about it except for “buy ads.” However, paid ads are a big part of any eCommerce store’s ranking and online sales strategy. Many businesses buy ads alongside a solid SEO campaign.

Readers can find out more about Bing Digital and how the company ranks eCommerce websites here

“Ranking an eCommerce website is very different from a blog, or an informational website like an affiliate site. The approach we take to rank an eCommerce site hasn’t largely changed since we started offering this service back in 2005. However, what has changed is that Google now wants websites to appear more credible, with quality links, a physical location, phone number, warranty information etc. mentioned amongst a few other ranking factors.” Said one of the SEO professionals working for Bing Digital.

He added, “Sure Google like any other business wants to sell ads. It is one of their primary sources of revenue, but that does not mean you can’t rank. Plus, Ads are always part of an all-rounded sales strategy for any serious eCommerce website. A well-optimized website, with an optimized landing product page, can help with ensuring that your ads rank higher and you pay less per click.”

Bing Digital has recently relaunched the company’s highly successful eCommerce website ranking service. The company is now accepting more clients as we speak.

About the Company:

Bing Digital has been offering SEO services for over fifteen years. The company has a highly successful eCommerce ranking service. However, they also rank numerous other websites using mainly white hat techniques developed over the years. Manned by a talented team of SEO experts, the company claims to rank any website regardless of age or type.

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