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Guadalajara, Mexico (Estephany de la Cruz) – Consumption habits also changed as a result of the health contingency caused by Covid-19, which means that companies must adapt to a new way of attracting their customers. One of the characteristics that became key for companies and that will be a trend next year will be the user experience.}

This will apply above all because when selling online their buying habits have changed and now businesses must have better mechanisms to obtain potential customers, such as offering precisely what they need in an agile way, according to the Zoomd platform, the Marketing Technology platform.

« Loyalty will be an important trend in the next year (…) It is time to strengthen the relationship with your consumers 24 hours a day from anywhere with sustainable and secure tools, which should be able to receive that traffic from real users and from quality, through cutting-edge and secure performance platforms. The role of Artificial Intelligence will be crucial to achieve this « , added Brenda Medina, Business Development Manager at Zoomd Mx,

In addition, business lines changed during the pandemic and now most activities such as electronic commerce, finance and buying food, are done on a mobile basis and even from a smartphone.

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Omri Argaman, Zoomd’s marketing director, pointed out that the main challenges for companies in the Latin American market is that they are less familiar with digital advertising, acquiring new users and especially the mobile world.

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« We need the market in the region to understand why these technological tools are needed so that they are prepared for the future problems of the marketing market, especially when every day it is more difficult to contain the attention and interest of the user. »

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