YouTube regional language Ads leaderboard signal shift in language preferences for ads online

YouTube watch time jumped 45% in July this year, with regional language content being one of the strongest drivers of this growth.

YouTube’s first ever regional language Ads Leaderboard released today signals a clear consumer preference for vernacular content online. This list of the top 10 most-watched ads spanning the second half of 2020 encompasses advertising in six regional Indian languages and is indicative of the increasing recognition by marketers that consumers are more likely to consider a purchase when they are reached in their preferred language.

Underlying this trend is also that YouTube watch time jumped 45% in July this year since the same time in 2019, with regional language content being one of the strongest drivers of this growth. According to the September 2019 Google/Kantar Video Landscape Research, 93% of YouTube viewers prefer watching content in regional languages.

Speaking on the rise of regional language advertising on YouTube, Sapna Chadha, Senior Director of Marketing for SEA & India, Google, said, “Today, 1 out 3 Indians consumes online video. YouTube’s appeal is in its ability to host diversity of content, which includes languages, and build strong, authentic connections based on this. What’s heartening to see is that brands are being agile, and creating marketing assets especially to reach users in different languages. This first regional leaderboard is a sign for the times, and consumers can expect more memorable language advertising in 2021 on YouTube.

As Sonia Khurana, Chief Operating Officer, Digitas India, says, “Internet usage has gone far beyond English speakers, and so must brand communications. It’s critical for marketers to speak to the next 100 million internet users in a language closest to their hearts. It’s respectful, thoughtful, and the most powerful way to connect.”

These are YouTube’s top regional language ads for July-Dec:

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