Middleman Reveals “Smoke and Mirrors” in Digital Marketing Industry

CHICAGO, Dec. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Nickolas Allen, a young entrepreneur and self-proclaimed “E-Broker” claims he wants to expose what is really going on in the digital marketing industry.

During a recent client panel, he highlighted how there is a stark difference between how business owners and clients view and understand the industry.

“Everybody knows it, if you are in space and even a mild player, you know and understand it. After getting a marketing degree from a private university and spending a couple years getting face first into the digital marketing world, it became pretty clear to me how things really work in this industry but I hadn’t heard anyone talk about it… especially to the clients” said Allen.

He went on to explain exactly what the other people in his industry are keeping secret.

“Almost anyone who is worth working with is a middleman. If you aren’t a middleman then it is almost impossible to leverage the level of technology that is needed to make a real impact for your clients. The Big fish is the industry don’t sell directly to the final customer, they sell licensing for other people to use their tech, and you want to buy from someone with that tech.”

What Allen is “exposing” is a lack of Authenticity in the Industry.

“If you don’t think that I’m a Middle-man then I can charge you a lot more,” he responded when asked about the mentality behind it all.

“I buy up all the best licensing so I can broker it down at better prices than anyone else. Do you want to pay another guy selling the exact same results or licensing as me for twice the price because he pretends that what he does is entirely proprietary?”

As an “E-Solutions Broker” Nickolas Allen buys access to different high-ticket softwares and then sells those results to medium sized businesses at a price that is accessible to them. With his transparent approach, Allen believes he can in the long run make more money even though he often charges less for the same thing as many of his competitors. His mission is to bring a more authentic approach to the industry while making the premier tools for online revenue growth accessible to businesses he believes in.

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