Official Pixel Bud earbud tips coming to Google Store

It looks like that you will soon be able to officially buy Pixel Buds compatible foam earbud tips directly from the Google Store after a listing inadvertently went live ahead of time on the online storefront.

[Update]: Comply has confirmed to 9to5Google directly that the foam earbud tips designed for the Pixel Buds will go on sale via the Google Store “very soon” in three sizes priced at $19.99:

The product has been shipped to their warehouse and should be available on the Google store very soon.  It will be a 3 pair package (3 sizes available, S, M, L) and will retail for $19.99.  

They will be available on in the next few weeks and on Amazon soon.

Pricing may vary on the Google Store when shipping costs are factored in, but that is a promising price-point for added ear comfort.

The Comply Premium Foam Tips for Google Pixel Buds are not yet for sale, but the early listing has revealed some of the upcoming features for these higher-end earbud tip options. When contacted about compatible earbud tips for the Google Pixel Buds previously, Comply only offered the following explanation:

Our engineers are working to develop a tip for the buds that also fit in the charging case. We are hoping to release a tip later in the 4th quarter.

For now, we can only tell our customers that we are not compatible with this earphone.

Given that this listing has now popped up, the timeframe fits with what the audio acoustics firm was able to share prior to this discovery. However, we are aware and can confirm that the existing T-400 Comply Foam Tips are compatible with Pixel Buds. That said, the larger sizes can cause issues with the Pixel Buds case, as we have explained previously. A dedicated earbud tip for Google’s first truly wireless earbuds is likely a hot ticket in that regard.

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