Evander Kane really wants to fight YouTube influencer Paul brothers

NHL forward Evander Kane really, really wants to box Jake and/or Logan Paul and I’m ashamed to admit that I would watch the hell out of that. (Getty)

This past weekend, a 6-foot-1 YouTube influencer/actor named Jake Paul beat the snot out of a 5-foot-8 former NBA Slam Dunk Contest champion as the undercard to a charity bout featuring 50-somethings Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr, and it didn’t even seem weird.

The internet influencer and seasoned boxer did what he did best, leaving social media buzzing after he KO’d former NBA guard Nate Robinson in a very short, dominant performance over a very short, non-dominant opponent with no experience in a ring. Absurdly calling out one of the best fight-sellers of all-time in Conor McGregor following the bout was a perfect way for Paul to cap off this circus, but the sideshow appears to be far from over.

Among the NBA personalities, social influencers, amateur fighters, pro athletes and random dudes named PatriotPaul567890 and MMA_Guy_Steve throwing the gauntlet to Paul immediately after his win was San Jose Sharks forward Evander Kane, who took to Twitter over the weekend in pursuit of Paul’s attention — and a sweet, sweet scrap.

Around eight hours or so later, Kane followed up this tweet with one reading “Waiting for that answer Jake Paul.

With no response to Kane days after the initial call-out, Jake’s brother and fellow influencer, Logan Paul ,came to his brother’s defense, stating on his podcast that he would gladly accept Kane’s challenge to throw some hands in the ring.

“Sure, put him in the list. I’ll do it.” Paul said.

“We’ll go through it again, I’ll put a quarter-million down this time.”

It’s unclear whether my man Logan meant he would fight Kane for a quarter-million or he would put that amount on his somewhat-decent boxer brother to take on the Sharks forward, but Kane didn’t really seem to care, responding with this short, to-the-point video:

“Logan Paul? I take the mop off your head and wipe the floor with ya.”

After Logan responded to the challenge with some weird attempt at calling Kane soft (I think!) Kane laughed him off, posting this in reference to Logan’s past, unfortunate results in the ring.

Yeah, I’m aware, this is all so stupid, and yet I need it — I need it all. I’ve come to terms with this dark side of me, no longer ashamed. All this dumb crap is going to happen anyways so we might as well embrace it and take it for what it is. This is the entertainment we as a society have asked for, it’s what we deserve.

That said, my take on all this is such:

If Kane and Logan square up, there’s no way I’m taking the guy mostly famous for a filming a dead body in Japan’s “suicide forest” and tasing rats carcasses on YouTube, over the dude who has trained boxing in one form or another most of his life and handedly won a lot of his 21 career bare-knuckle fights on skates versus some true NHL neanderthals.

Jake versus Evander, on the other hand, has more potential to be a long, spirited tilt, I think. Jake Paul has looked fairly impressive during fights and training throughout his “career” so far, and he’s a close size matchup with the Sharks star. I’m still putting money on Kane here but this one is much closer to a coin flip than not.

Kane getting a crack at Jake seems unlikely as the former is definitely not a huge global draw compared to some other options, but I’m not even going to pretend like I know what will happen there.

All I know is I want to see one of these idiotic matches happen way, way more than I should.

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