Home Wi-Fi security tips – 5 things to check – Naked Security

Every day is a computer security day, but November 30th is officially Computer Security Day, intended to raise awareness of online security issues and to promote cybersecurity best practices.

Days like these are a handy nudge to do a few extra security checks. With that in mind, here are some tips from the Sophos support team on how to secure your Wi-Fi network at home.

Many people think that “no hacker would be interested in my home network.”

But everyone has something that’s valuable to attackers: personal information, bank details, financial data, perhaps even a webcam that could let criminals know when you aren’t at home, or that might let creeps spy on you when you are.

And if you’re working from home, it’s worth remembering that for a skilled attacker it’s just a hop, skip and jump across the network from your personal computer or connected device to your work laptop, and possibly from there to the whole company network.

For a detailed explanation of Wi-Fi, check out our Wi-Fi Fundamentals article on the Sophos Community site.