How AI is helping Digital Marketers to boost their Market Worth

The presence of AI in the modern business industry is overwhelming. Though digital marketers initially hadn’t been that aggressive in adopting AI in their core domains, in 2020, there is a massive difference in this picture.

A recent study of Infosys says that the core driving force for using AI in business is competitor advantage.

With the continuous transformation of online applications and tools, digital marketing best practices are now well powered by a technological boom. Adopting artificial intelligence empowers digital marketing by and large. AI consolidates data-driven statics and fruits well-informed decisions. Targeting and interacting with potential consumers become a piece of cake with the emergence of AI.

Let’s take a look at how AI can drive the growth of the digital market ahead

1. AI for Selection and Presentation of Content

Not only content creation AI also has a significant role in content curation too. Many websites use this method to connect with their audience. Netflix shows up its series recommendation to a subscriber by utilizing this method based on user viewership preference. This is their secret hack for binging users to this platform.

2. AI filters Search Results

AI is transformed online searches and SEO with voice search and Google’s algorithm, Rank Brain. People can perform voice searches over Alexa, Google Home, Apple’s Siri, and Microsoft’s Cortana smoothly. Google’s Ai algorithm Rank Brain is capable of presenting accurate search results decoding the user language.

3. AI adds value to the User Experience

Intelligent algorithms can be the trump card in customizing a website. AI utilizes user-generated data to serve the user even better. A website is all about having a great user experience. The more people spend time on your website, it will reflect in your traffic generation as well as in your sales conversion in tandem.

4. Betters Digital Advertising

Digital advertising is one of the greatest ever platforms where AI can produce magical results. If you have your business account on social media platforms, you have to have engaging and interactive content to lure the potential and existing customers daily. Automating social media posts can save a tremendous amount of time and resource from your daily schedule. 

Google and Facebook are already using ML and AI to keep people in sync with advertisers. In a way, they push the right set of ads to the group of people measuring the market pulse. This is how brands get connected with the best audience that they could have ever online.

On the other side, Google Ads offers marketers an automated bidding-based system that allows advertisers to spend minimum against the lead conversion. 

5. AI for Predictive Analysis

Apart from the other vital features, one prime aspect of AI is it can expect. Using mechanisms like Big Data and Blockchain AI can reach any conclusion effortlessly. It can quickly identify potential clients considering their search history, which aids marketers to strategize their promotional activities to lure their target audience in the long-run.

6. AI feeds Web Design

Not that we deny website designers and developers’ role for complete website design and development; still, AI plays an integral part in today’s high-end websites. 

Grid is such an AI-based application that builds a website offered by user-generated information such as images, texts, CTA, and much more. As a whole, these features make a website stunning and professionally well-equipped.

7. AI enhances Content Creation

Content creation is one area that has been dominated by core human intelligence. Yet there are a few areas where AI can surly improvise the service by minimizing the labor and resource- e.g., “Chatbots.” AI is capable of writing new reports based on given data. Already big news and publication agencies such as the Washington Post, BBC, the New York Times, and CBS have started using AI tools like Quill, Wordsmith, Heliograph, and Articoolo.

8. Chatbots are primarily AI-driven

We all have raised our queries while inquiring online at some point in time. Most of the time, we get an automated answer immediately after your place our questions. AI plays the commander here in solving the FAQs asked by buyers. 

These bots utilize techniques like natural and machine learning while finding a suitable response against individual queries. 

9. Role in Email Marketing

Customized emails acquire the most conversion rate. Focusing on user behavior and their online searches, personalized emails are one of the most excellent tools to convert viewers into buyers.

There are multiple leading Email marketing tools available online that can settle on the best time in the day to engage the audience. Boomtrain, GetResponse, SendX, Phrasee, etc. are some of the most-used AI tools for Email Marketing.

Lastly, with the emerging trends and technologies, AI’s presence across various business domains will become one of the frontier technologies in the years to come. Not only will it reduce the manufacturing cost, but it also will indulge efficient operation by curtailing the estimated time consumption as well. Businesses are likely to reap significant rewards with the advancement of AI. Using smart technologies like natural learning, ML, and more will enhance user experience and steer revenue growth.

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