Young London Digital Entrepreneur Creates First WordPress Blog Hosting Control Panel

LONDON, Nov. 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Many WordPress users and bloggers will find blogging and managing websites faster and easier on the 1st of December 2020.

That’s when the first ever WordPress blog hosting control panel developed by top digital entrepreneur in London Fernando Raymond and his SeekaHost Team will be launched. Anyone can host a domain and get online with a WordPress blog in less than 60 seconds is what successful web hosting company SeekaHost promises.

This innovative WP private blog hosting services solution will enable beginners as well as experienced bloggers to get online super-fast with multiple IP address hosting for various WordPress blogs in one place.

Private blog networks are one of the core strategies the SEO community uses to syndicate web content and for that, using different class multiple IP hosting is vital.

After years of building and testing the unique SeekaHost automated private blog hosting solution to offer PBN hosting services for thousands of customers, Fernando and his team have decided to finally open the SeekaHost blog hosting site to the market.

From Digital Entrepreneurs in London For Bloggers Worldwide

The PBN hosting control panel was initiated by digital entrepreneurs in London and after many meetings and brainstorms with the ClickDo digital marketers and SeekaHosters, it shaped into the best blog hosting solution currently on the market, filling a gap that Fernando and his team identified.

The ClickDo developers built the WordPress web hosting control panel with its future users in mind.

Top Features are:

  • Easily accessible PBN Blog List for all your websites in one place
  • Find your website data with one click in your control panel
  • Track your websites’ performances with easy access to analytics tools directly via your control panel – all in one place
  • Raise all your support tickets and pay all your subscriptions within your control panel and manage all your websites here
  • multiple IP address classes A, B and C available, which are vital for PBN Hosting.

Watch Fernando’s explainer video on the SeekaHost YouTube Channel:

Why Choose the WordPress Blog Hosting Control Panel?

WordPress powers 14.7% of top the 100 websites in the world and many companies use it as their business website’s content management system.

Most of them use the old school hosting technologies that make it harder for a newbie to get online fast. Using cPanel and things like Plesk can take time and some find it complicated to get WordPress installed and get online, especially if they have never used it before.

After years of testing and being an avid WordPress blogger and self-taught SEO expert, Fernando Raymond, and his team of developers at ClickDo have developed the world’s best blog hosting control panel which runs via the platform. Some of their SeekaHost clients have already tested it and loved it.

In a recent live telecast on Facebook Fernando mentioned that blog hosting should be easier, and anyone should be able to get online fast and cheaply. He believes that blogging is one of the best things anyone can do to create a passive income stream while working from home.

Currently Fernando teaches people how to start a blog, get online and create a way to make money online. And the SeekaHost University, which he has founded, helps people by offering free digital marketing skills training courses that are vital to work online from home or become a digital nomad and travel the world while living and working location independently.

The Digital Entrepreneur’s Mission to make Blogging easy

Fernando describes his mission with the SeekaHost App as follows:

“Many bloggers and SeekaHost University students I talk to encounter the same drawback: the technicality of setting up, managing, and running a blog or website, let alone several. Me and my team at ClickDo and SeekaHost have created many guides, tutorials, and support materials like online courses to help with this. However, they all struggle with the technical aspects of it. And because I want to encourage people to get online, I want to provide a technical solution that makes the whole process of setting up a WordPress Blog and managing it as simple and affordable as possible.”

Visit to check the world’s best blog hosting platform. Everything is explained, from picking a domain name and choosing a blog hosting plan to getting online with a A or B or C Class IP address. There are hardly any hosts that offer such high-level services with multiple IP class hosting for bloggers to get online like SeekaHost does.

About SeekaHost: a web hosting provider with a difference

Offering web hosting services since 2000 this company has grown and expanded over the last five years under the management of SEO agency ClickDo, providing a wider variety of web hosting services like SEO hosting, PBN hosting, before being registered as a limited company. It now is an established web host offering services all over the world and innovating new hosting solutions.

Manuela Willbold, PR strategist, ClickDo and SeekaHost,, * 020 7175 1344*

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