How human capital freelancers strengthen a team

Hiring freelancers is recommended for start-ups because there is no need to postpone investing in taking care of and monitoring teams. (Rawpixel pic)

Verónica Gil Arroyo is a Business Partner at Workana and passionate about finding solutions and opportunities.

In this article, you’ll learn more about why it is important to keep an eye out for new possibilities so you can identify what to do when you want to grow.

Recently, it was time for Arroyo to set up a follow-up meeting with an existing client.

Even though she had written them several times to get feedback on the projects that they had completed, she had some trouble getting a hold of them.

After all, these have been tumultuous times. Part of Workana’s job is to stay up to date with what is going on. Workana’s relationships have never been based solely on connecting freelancers with companies but offering full assessments, and always being ready to meet new challenges.

Finally, a time was set up to go over a few ways to streamline and optimise. The client’s vision is innovative and disruptive. The business is an innovative streaming service for a specific niche.

In order to make it possible, a team of 10 completely remote freelancers from Workana was set up.

Imagine working directly with the chief technology officer of a company for such an ambitious project, a CTO who is still surprised by the results achieved in such a short time and with how quickly the team was put together and set in motion.

What does identifying improvement opportunities entail?

So much of the time, the focus is on a company’s core operations that the fact that resources can be optimised or that processes can be made more agile in less obvious ways is overlooked.

Going back to the earlier case, the CTO is very involved with the culture of the business they are creating, and they dedicate a lot of time to participating in the recruiting process, interviews, onboarding and managing support on the platform.

But their time is very limited, their vision is valuable and there are so many other needs that require their full attention.

So, it was suggested that Workana take care of providing support by helping to coordinate the recruiting process.

The manager could complete this operational task, simplify the process and only get the company involved when it was time to make a decision.

The company’s turnover rate is 0%, which speaks of its culture, and management had a genuine interest in learning more about a freelancer’s needs, interests, motivations and aspirations and finding common ground.

Like many of Workana’s clients, the cultural match was synonymous with success within the company.

Curiously, despite being an essential aspect, many companies take a while to arrive at the idea of creating an environment of human capital.

Notice the use of the word environment and not area because a rigid and traditional structure isn’t always necessary; a lot of times, with good ideas and the help of the right professionals, a company can make great strides with outstanding results.

The company was a one-man show trying to do everything: strategic management, operations management, business intelligence, creating a company culture and much more.

Hiring freelancers can reduce the burden on multitasking entrepreneurs. (Pixabay pic)

Can a freelancer meet a start-up’s human capital needs?

Not only can they meet a start-up’s human capital needs, hiring freelancers is recommended because there is no need to postpone investing in taking care of and monitoring teams.

Start-ups tend to think in terms of a discipline that comes into effect during the company’s advanced stages, but why?

If the Covid-19 pandemic has shown anything, it is the importance of focusing on people, and a professional with these tools can make all the difference when it’s time to face uncertainty, provide psychologically reassuring conditions and monitor the implementation of disruptive challenges within the company.

The benefits of adding a human capital freelancer to the team are:

  • Developing an onboarding process for incoming new resources.
  • Participating in the recruiting process and validating aspects of emotional intelligence.
  • Organising weekly meetings with each team.
  • Monitoring and providing feedback on the freelancer’s general performance during the year.
  • Creating plans of action for development and incentives.
  • If you are also incorporating agile HR tools, they can act as an agility facilitator and determine both qualitative and quantitative needs, observe trends and propose improvements in the form of current work.
There are many benefits to adding a human capital freelancer to the team. (Pixabay pic)

When the needs are identified according to the company’s intentions, desires become solutions.

Companies often have opportunities that are either hidden or hard to see, as in the case of the CTO who was so focused on technology development that although they had the best intuition about how to organise teams, they never stopped to consider the possibility of hiring a freelancer to help work on those aspects that were so present in the company values they were creating.

Keep these points in mind:

  • The important role that open, continuous, and two-way communication with the Workana consultant plays.
  • Continuously looking for visible opportunities and making a creative effort to identify invisible but high-impact opportunities.
  • Exploring new opportunities and being open to adding new freelancers in less traditional areas.

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