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Are you a self-proclaimed data nerd with a love for digital analytics? Do you have a flair for using tools such as Google and Adobe Analytics as well as other data and qualitative sources to develop insights about content? Do you have 2-3 years hands-on experience in either a digital content publisher or agency side working in social media, SEO or strategy/research? And are you keen to make your next move by working for Australia’s leading digital content marketing agency Storyation?

The junior strategy associate is responsible for supporting Storyation’s strategy function by conducting research, content performance and optimisation tasks on client content activities. Reporting to the head of strategy, the junior strategy associate works with them to develop content strategies, audience and content research, performance measurement, training materials and other data-driven content marketing activities for clients.

The junior strategy associate also works with editorial team members where relevant to provide content strategy guidance and deliver any strategy elements that might be part of content production projects. They also support partnership managers on client and account management tasks related to strategy work including, for example, actively participating in client meetings and managing any strategy documentation related to client projects.

Key professional skills required for this role:

  • Very proficient with digital analytics and data; a strong working knowledge of tools like Facebook Business Manager and Creator Studio, Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics and a demonstrated ability for working with and manipulating raw data into accessible insights and stories for agency and client teams
  • Very proficient with client relations; experience gained over at least two years of dealing directly with clients at any level including attending and participating in meetings and presentations, taking and interrogating client briefs, managing client feedback and supporting account leads/partnership managers with account management tasks
  • Somewhat proficient with developing insights; an emerging ability to draw on a range of data sources to come to conclusions and present them, with their evidence, in written form (e.g. content strategies, research reports, performance reports) and (e.g. meetings, presentations)
  • Somewhat proficient with digital marketing/social media apps; some general experience with common digital marketing or social media apps (e.g. MailChimp, RivalIQ, Sprinklr, HootSuite, HubSpot, WordPress, CrowdTangle etc) and the ability to autonomously learn how to use other similar apps
  • Somewhat proficient with SEO; some understanding of key SEO concepts and tools like Google Trends, SEMRush or Moz and how to apply these concepts and tools to inform content strategies and optimise digital content
  • Somewhat proficient with Adobe Creative Cloud apps; intermediate level of skill with at least Photoshop and InDesign to help support the development and design of visually-led strategy and reporting documentation; some skill with Illustrator, Audition, Premier and other Creative Cloud apps is favourable, but not essential
  • Some understanding of content and digital marketing best-practice; an emerging understanding of what makes for good VS bad content and digital marketing along with an awareness of the kinds of sources to go to for best-practice inspiration or education
  • Some understanding and interest in qualitative data collection; an emerging understanding of qualitative research tools (e.g. surveys, focus groups, literature reviews, observational research etc) and a desire to practice more of this style of research and learn how to combine qualitative insights with quantitative insights

Desirable experience for this role:

  • Two to three years experience in a hands-on role in a digital content discipline (e.g. digital journalism, content marketing, social media, SEO, strategy/research etc)
  • Extensive experience writing in a professional context including formats such as reports, articles, strategy documents and social media content
  • Moderate experience participating in client or stakeholder-facing activities like meetings and presentations, including researching and preparing materials for those activities
  • Moderate experience working with multiple data sources in various formats (e.g. digital analytics, data visualisation, pivot tables etc) to derive content-related insights
  • Some experience supporting client leads, partnership managers or commercial teams in the development of marketing materials or new business materials
  • Some experience working with multiple brands or projects briefed by clients, either by working in an agency or consultancy or with commercial teams at a media publisher
  • Some experience participating in or facilitating workshops with other team members, clients, stakeholders or customers

Desirable behaviours for working at Storyation:

Our team is tight-knit, caring and high-performing, so anyone who works at Storyation should be aware there are four key behaviours we encourage in our people to help maintain and improve our company culture. These behaviours are:

  • We prioritise healthy work relationships by bringing our team together in structured, productive ways, celebrating individual and joint achievements, promoting those little informal rituals that keep us together and, with offices in Australia and New Zealand, we make sure to deliberately reach out to team members across the ditch.
  • We’re constantly looking for ways to improve our processes by creating ways of working that advantage us and getting rid of processes that hold us back or make things harder than they need to be, enabling collaborative, creative idea generation and leveraging the right processes from our parent brand Medium Rare.
  • We confidently articulate our identity by making sure we tailor our pitch to the country we’re working in, leaning into and staying true to our strong Storyation brand and reputation, leading a positive relationship with our clients and showing them that we understand their worlds.
  • We prioritise our integrity as a team and individuals by working hard to maintain high professional standards, seeking out diverse and varied client work and opinions within our team, pushing back on unreasonable client demands and talking openly amongst ourselves about the status and progress of the business.

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