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Pro-Trump Demonstrators Protest News Media at CNN Center in Atlanta

Supporters of President Trump gathered outside the CNN Center in Atlanta on Saturday morning, November 21, for a “Rescue America” rally.This footage shows demonstrators holding flags and chanting “CNN sucks” and “shame on you.” A speaker also elicits a rousing response from the crowd as she shouts, “We’re going to take down Fox News!”The rally, led by the #WalkAway campaign, was described by organizers as an effort to push back against “fake media outlets like CNN,” according to the campaign’s event page.Additional footage shows a militia presence on the scene near the Georgia State Capitol, as well as a line of counter-protesters.Trump supporters were also gathered at the capitol rallying to “Stop the steal.” Local reports cited police in riot gear but reported that the protests were peaceful. Credit: Brendan Gutenschwager via Storyful

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