Zeel Thacker: Enlightening Young Minds With Tips To Digital Marketing

The digital media world offers endless opportunities to aspiring tech geniuses and computer graduates in the long run. It is important that one is properly aware of the environment that they’re choosing to be exposed towards, in the near future.

Zeel Thacker, the 17-year old marketing and tech genius from the city of Mumbai has been setting an inspiration to young minds with potential who are hesitant to come forward in the technological world of probabilities and chances due to the fear of failure. Zeel has been working in the field of digital marketing since 2018 and is setting new trends to the developing field of digital media. 

Zeel has been quite hesitant about stepping into this field, due to the constant financial insecurity that this may give him. As he identifies himself with many other youngsters with similar potential, after attaining a successful lifestyle he decided to help other determined tech aspirants in moving forward in their career by assisting them with the basic features of digital marketing.

Zeel has been providing tips and help to budding entrepreneurs and computer graduates from all-around the world, through instagram where he has attained quite a number of fan following due to his proper guidance and support to the newbies. With his years of experience in digital marketing, he has been able to collaborate with a lot of major business tycoons in setting up their websites and help them expand their overseas business through proper promotions and advertisements.

He has also been offering services with his specializations in YouTube marketing, SEO building and online advertising with the help of Google AdSense. He has also worked to help recover many hacked social media pages of artists. That is indeed something to boast about!

Tiktok had been another platform through which he engaged with his clients on a larger scale. Through his constant effort and dedication he has earned 3 lakhs from Tiktok alone.

He has also managed to earn about Rs.80,000 from Facebook alone and has earned 2-3 lakhs from instagram alone. 

Woah! The way he amazes with his skills and talent doesn’t seem to end.

He had the courage and determination to stick on to his properly made plans and execution of it in the best ways possible. That execution couldn’t be successful without his hard work and ability to take and face any kind of risks. He is moving forward in his career with an aim to elevate it to a higher peak through his efforts.

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