Watch: The future of digital marketing in a cookie-less world

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At the very beginning of 2020, news broke of a looming apocalypse for the marketing industry—and then the coronavirus pandemic hit. The other disaster-in-the-making was Google’s announcement that it planned to remove third-party cookies from its Chrome browser by 2022, following Mozilla’s elimination of cookies from Firefox in 2019. Apple decided to ban cookies from Safari in March. Combined with the implementation of GDPR-like privacy regulations in various states—such as the California Consumer Privacy Act, which went into effect on January 1—the “death of the cookie” was greeted outside the walled gardens as a virtual extinction-level event for an ecosystem built on the audience targeting and omnichannel attribution access to such third-party data provided. And that’s just the beginning of the marketing challenges that lie ahead.

How can you work to prepare your organization and the ecosystem of partners, platforms and consumers that surround you for the next disruption? Michael Schoen, senior VP and general manager of marketing solutions at Neustar and Varun Bhagwan, VP of product management and engineering, ads data at Verizon Media join Ad Age President and Publisher Josh Golden to discuss the best strategies for future-proofing your business in a privacy-first, post-cookie world.

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