3 news that happened in digital marketing this week

Throughout this contingency, a series of digital challenges have been established for brands, so knowing what’s new in this area is essential.

Nowadays it becomes key to understand the role of brands, considering the capacity they have in digital.

Digital marketing is an area of ​​great dynamism, due to the capacity it has.

Today digital marketing is a subject that has no waste and on the contrary, it has established itself as a unique benchmark for brands, by managing to develop products that are more and more appropriate to the trends and lifestyles of consumers.

As is to be expected in this type of bets, an element that we cannot lose sight of is the one that warns us of how relevant innovation becomes in the market.

Faced with this scenario, what should warn us as marketers if a strategy is effective or not, is the ability to communicate with which it has and which helps us to understand the reaction capacity it has.

That is why it becomes essential to understand the ability of a brand to innovate and here are the 5 news in digital marketing that we saw this week.

Twitter Stories

The first big news was Fleets, the stories version of Twitter that brands did not miss to advertise in this new section that has been added to the popular short message platform.

Stories are an important benchmark with which brands today manage to stand out in the market and not only that, with which they manage to stay relevant when communicating with consumers.

Faced with this scenario, an aspect that we must not lose sight of is the capacity with which brands have stood out through ephemeral content.

Not only content, but also ephemeral messages

Instagram and Facebook Messenger will soon integrate into their platform the option of sending ephemeral messages, which will disappear after a certain time.

The incorporation of this function in its messages section will be activated by chat, so you can choose with which users you can have ephemeral conversations, as long as they follow each other, in addition to activating this mode, in case the receiver takes screenshot, you will get a notification about it.

Content without revenue

YouTube will launch a strategy and it is to show advertising in some videos on its platform, for which it will not pay users.

The adjustments to your terms of service also include small channels to enter your Partner Program, so you can monetize their content, without having a significant number of subscriptions, which obviously does to amplify the message of your advertisers , but without paying the videos that show them.

Now that Youtube will not pay commissions to small creators, it is still unclear how it will charge advertisers for the videos it played without giving commissions.

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