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KOCHI: With the post-pandemic world redefining the modality of job markets, skilled aspirants are looking at a brighter future.Telecommuting and freelancing has taken over traditional employment in most  fields and the need of the hour is to upskill yourself.

Daily Skills, which claims to be the first e-learning marketplace from Kerala, is now helping aspirants achieve this with an hour-long course. “There is a clear gap between the education and skill possessed by aspirants in Kerala. Both candidates and entrepreneurs are not educated in the new requirement,” said Subilal K, Founder, Daily Skills.

The initial courses focus on digital marketing, business development and automation. “We have conceived the courses based on Gig economy requirements. Through our business automation and digital marketing courses, many can earn money by providing their skills to firms by sitting at their home,” he said.  

Average pricing of courses is set between Rs 400 and Rs 500. The courses offered through the website and android app features live sessions, assessments, discussion forums etc. 

What is the Gig Economy?
A gig economy is a free market system which promotes an array of work available through online or nontraditional means, such as freelancing, Uber driving, and Airbnb subletting. It increases the flexibility and autonomy in the job marketplace, unlike the subservient traditional working environment. The employees will not come under the payroll of the employer and they will get the return based on the exchange of rendering the skills, relations and time on the employer’s platform.

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