Neighbour described scene like a ‘comical’ viral YouTube video

The moments leading up to the alleged murder of a man with a samurai sword seemed absurd and like a “viral YouTube clip” to a neighbour who watched the events unfold in Forest Lodge, a court has heard.

Blake Davis, 31, and Hannah Quinn, 26, are on trial for the murder in the NSW Supreme Court after they allegedly chased Jett McKee, 30, away from their home in 2018 following a botched home invasion. They have pleaded not guilty.

Hannah Quinn and Blake Davis are on trial for the alleged murder following a botched home invasion. Credit:Nick Moir

Thomas Scott, whose apartment is next door to the home where Mr Davis and Ms Quinn were living, told the court on Thursday that he saw his neighbours sprint out of their home in pursuit of a third person.

Mr Scott said the sight of the sword-wielding Mr Davis, pursuing Mr McKee with Ms Quinn in the early afternoon, seemed like a “comical scene” and “just crackheads being crackheads, chasing each other around”.

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