Taguchi granted US patent for unique digital marketing technology

Company News: Australian marketing automation company Taguchi Marketing Pty Ltd (Taguchi) today announced it had been granted a US patent for its content delivery optimisation software that has supercharged direct marketing.

The software deploys Artificial Intelligence (AI) to review multiple elements of a digital marketing campaign in real-time and adjust them to better reach customers.

It is used by Taguchi clients in email, SMS and web-based messaging in Australia.

Taguchi Managing Director Dean Maidment said the software was unique in the digital messaging industry.

“The granting of the patent is the recognition that Taguchi, an Australian based and operated company, is at the cutting edge of global marketing technology.

“We are taking on the big global marketing corporations with our more advanced, nimble technology developed right here in Australia.

“Taguchi clients benefit because they can tailor their customer email and SMS messages for effective outcomes, and they can measure the return on investment for each message sent.”

The technology under patent was developed by Melbourne-based Ben Dyer, Technical Director at Taguchi when he was only 21 years of age.

Ben said the granting of the patent was the end result of years of patience and problem-solving.

“The software uses a sophisticated algorithm to simultaneously assess multiple combinations of components of a marketing email – for example, the headline, image, body copy and call to action – until it identifies the combination that produces the most optimal response for the client,” he said.

“I am proud to be part of this Australian company and at the forefront of the industry with this state of the art technology,” he said.

Taguchi’s team includes technical developers, support specialists and consulting professionals and they develop, implement and support Taguchi’s system entirely in Australia.

Taguchi also recently announced the establishment of its Australian data centre, completing the fully Australian service offered to its clients.

Taguchi Managing Director Dean Maidment

About Taguchi

Taguchi offers a world-class digital marketing platform that is owned, operated and directly supported by Australians, in Australia, for Australian marketers.

Taguchi’s technology features powerful analytics, sophisticated automation and patented optimisation technology, enabling accurate targeting of customers and advanced local message customisation. Marketers with minimal technical skills can create and implement highly advanced data-driven marketing campaigns, backed by the support of Taguchi’s Australian software developers. Taguchi’s open system also integrates with existing data sources (including existing legacy systems) and accurately predicts return on investment.

Established in 2008, Taguchi has grown into a strong, consistent and profitable local business with clients including Dominos, Webjet and RACV, and service operations in Melbourne, Sydney and Singapore. For more information Taguchi website

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