Dorset Police officer faces ‘management action’ over car stop

DORSET Police has admitted that there are “issues to be addressed” in relation to how an officer, who now will face “management action”, engaged with a driver after a car stop in Bournemouth.

The incident, which took place near the BIC on the evening of Friday, October 30, attracted a big response online after footage filmed by the motorist and his passenger was posted on YouTube.

The force released a statement on Friday, November 6, which said they had received a number of complaints and would review them.

In an update posted on social media on Thursday, November 12, a spokesperson said the officer’s actions will be subject to “management action”.

Dorset Police said no formal complaint had been made to them from the driver.

“We have received a substantial number of messages from the public about the video and these are being dealt with in accordance with statutory complains procedures,” said the spokesperson.

“It is important to note that these views have been varied and have included both criticism of the officer’s actions and emails of support for the officer involved. No formal complaint has been received by the force from the individual involved.

“We have undertaken the statutory misconduct procedures and officers from our Professional Standards Department have reviewed the interaction in its entirety. This has included the video footage clip posted online and the officer’s body worn video of events leading up to the video footage.

“As a result, a determination has been made that the officer’s actions will be subject to management action. Although there are always alternative views to a situation such as this, the force acknowledges that there are issues to be addressed with regards to the way this interaction was managed.

“We expect the highest standards of professionalism from all our officers and we will always carefully consider any occasions where the public feel as though our officers have not met those standards.”

The YouTube video of the incident, which has now been viewed more than 450,000 times and was filmed from inside the car that had been stopped, initially shows a verbal exchange between the officer and the driver of the vehicle.

At one point the male officer is seen to pull out his baton and he goes on to arrest the driver. The driver was de-arrested at the scene.

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