Online digital marketing workshop for Bradford Chamber of Commerce members

A WORKSHOP on digital marketing is to be held for members of the Bradford Chamber of Commerce.

It will cover a variety of topics from the impact of Covid-19 to how to stand out from the crowd.

A spokesperson said: “Now, more than ever, digital marketing is key! Most businesses should have some sort of web presence, but with so many companies competing for the same customers it is vital you have a strong digital strategy in place.

“As well as the strategy itself, it is important to know whether this approach is working for you.

“In this one hour workshop we will be joined by Steve Lowe, director at LOCALiQ and Japinder Aujley, Digital Account Consultant who will walk you through what makes a good digital marketing plan, how to check your digital marketing is working and provide an opportunity to receive a free digital marketing MOT for your business.

“This online workshop will cover: The impact of Covid-19 on the digital marketplace and how its changed customer behaviour; the importance of your digital footprint and what are the key elements to check for; how to make sure you stand out from the crowd; are you selling online, are you getting a return, do you manage the enquiries and can you measure them?”

“You will come away with an understanding of how to implement a digital marketing strategy, the tools available to increase brand awareness and how to determine the success of a campaign.”

A copy of the slides will be distributed to attendees post event.

The event will run on November 19 from 11am. For further details, visit id=a2v1v000001C7ykAAC

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