Three Business Processes That Benefit a Centralized Dashboard

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In business, it can often make sense to have departments divided up and separated so that they can run autonomously—independently managed by various supervisors or managers. However, there are some processes that benefit hugely from having a centralized dashboard that collates and analyzes activity in real time.

Three main players in this are the running of call centers or phonelines, the handling of shift schedules, and SEO campaigns. By having one single dashboard where information is shown clearly and responsively, you can make changes quickly when necessary and better guide future projects.

Contact Centers

Running call centers or contact centers can be a confusing and complex business. That complexity is simplified with the use of a centralized dashboard. With the colorful and clear display of analytics that is available at, you can browse a dashboard of data in real time that tracks how calls are handled, held, and resolved.

The collating of this data in the past has been a painstakingly slow process, with each phone handler’s statistics having to be added up at the end of the day and then poured over by analysts to make sense of. By centralizing this data using modern software, you will save crucial time and money in the way that you improve your contact center strategy.

Work Schedules

As of October 2020, almost 25 million people were employed on a part-time basis in the United States of America. As anybody who has worked part-time—or has employed part-time staff—will know, these workers often have to juggle their shifts around personal commitments, studying, or even other jobs. This is a difficult process for both them and their managers.

That is why centralizing, digitizing, and automating shift schedules is so useful. With modern technology it is simple to send out shift requests to staff with the click of a button, to ask them to approve a weekly schedule, and to tell them to take their vacation entitlement. Staff can also use this software to register sick days and request shift swaps. Organization and smooth operations are benefited enormously by this type of dashboard.


Search engine optimization is changing and evolving constantly—a key example being how Google adapts to events such as Black Friday—and for that reason constant analytics and browsing of data is key to any company looking to have a digital marketing strategy that moves with the times.

By having a dashboard or analytics center—most conveniently provided if you enlist the help of SEO experts and professional digital marketers—you can stay on top of changing trends and easily identify which parts of your website are severely lacking in terms of SEO.

With this collation of data, you will be able to track which web pages are visited the most, where those visits come from, how long visitors stay on a page, and which links and calls to action they click on. This information forms a vital foundation of how you improve your optimization strategy, and fluid SEO campaigning is not possible without it.



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