Athreon’s New Virtual Scribing Solution Promotes Physician Wellness

CHICAGO, Nov. 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Athreon, a leading provider of speech-to-text solutions for healthcare, announced today the launch of its virtual scribing service. AxiScribe, the company’s latest productivity solution, helps physicians regain control over the time consumed by electronic health record (EHR) systems. Athreon is launching AxiScribe in response to healthcare centers across the country who cite EHR data-entry as a leading cause of provider job dissatisfaction and lost revenue.

Leveraging Athreon’s AI speech-to-text technology and trained medical scribes, AxiScribe is available to healthcare providers 24/7. AxiScribe helps healthcare facilities address the complaints that EHR data entry inhibits patient care, creates an administrative burden on caregivers, and contributes to physician burnout. Likewise, in contrast to on-site scribes, AxiScribe helps reduce the number of essential employees in exam rooms to help combat coronavirus.

Magnus Garde, the company’s CEO, says, “With AxiScribe, doctors and patients can speak naturally without the EHR’s interference, and Athreon’s technology securely captures the dialogue unobtrusively in the background to create a highly-accurate clinic note.” Human scribes verify all AI-generated patient notes for accuracy, and completed notes are available to providers for review and signature directly in the EHR. Providers can use AxiScribe with iOS and Android devices running Athreon’s mobile apps.

Physicians who use AxiScribe can:  

  • Connect better with patients.
  • Remove chart creation stress.
  • Avoid taking charting work home.
  • Return their focus to patient care.

AxiScribe integrates with all electronic health record systems, including Epic, Cerner, and Allscripts. The synergy created between Athreon’s scribing solution and EHR systems fosters greater electronic health record acceptance among providers. It also improves physician job satisfaction, increases caregiver retention rates, and fortifies existing capital investments.

For more information, including a demo, contact Athreon at 800.935.0973 or [email protected].

About Athreon
Athreon specializes in accurately transforming speech to text in the most secure, efficient, cost-effective, and timely manner possible. We provide a hybrid blend of human expertise that is augmented by innovative AI speech technology. Our solutions integrate with all EHRs, champion physician wellness, and help caregivers focus on the patient. Athreon’s solutions empower healthcare facilities to improve patient outcomes, financial performance, security, and business intelligence.

Joshua Jech, Business Development Manager
800.935.0973 x 711
[email protected]

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