Odyssey New Media, the digital marketing company, has completed their 10th glorious year

With the start of their journey in June 2010, Odyssey New Media has helped hundreds of UK businesses to grow and succeed internationally. Robert Stoubos, the founder and managing director of the company, started this business as a one-man start-up. And the company has reached its pioneer of success as a leading digital marketing agency in the UK.

In the last ten years, Odyssey New Media has experienced a high rate of improvement in their growth. Their new employment of 10 new staff members to support the clients from a variety of fields like finance, hospitality, development, trade serving, education, and cleaning. Therefore the company has also expanded itself into a large space with a new phone system and remote working capabilities.

The company started initially as a digital marketing platform specialized in search engine optimization (SEO), social media management, and pay per click (PPC). In the past three years, they have also included web development and digital designing in their services.

The company was awarded as the “Digital Agency of the Year 2019” by the Corporate Live Wire and continued to win the “digital Agency of the Year for Central in 2020. This award honors those small and medium businesses that have performed best in the market over the past one year. This is to praise their growth and performance that they have earned from their hard work and clean-cut strategy.

Even in this pandemic situation, the work rate of Odyssey New Media hasn’t slowed down and continued to work through their remote working while maintaining the proper guidelines on social distancing. Moreover, the company didn’t feel the need for dismissing any staff members. As they realized the importance of having a digital presence in this ongoing pandemic situation.

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