Consider these seven things before starting a side gig as a freelancer

it takes hard work and dedication to get your freelance business up and running. These seven online tools will help.

Vlada Karpovich

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So, you want to be a freelancer. You know your specialty and you’re determined to kick the nine-to-five habit. Before you go legit and cut the full-time ties, there some things you need to know. It’s true, there are a lot of perks to working freelance, but it takes hard work and dedication to get your business up and running like a well-oiled machine. Here are seven things that will help you break free from your tired office routine and reap the benefits of working freelance successfully.

Separate your business life

Separating business from pleasure is a must for freelancers, and the best place to start is with a separate business line for your phone. This will make you look professional and help you prioritize work. Hushed Private Phone Line allows you to manage all your communication from a single app, and what’s even better? The lifetime subscription gives you a new number without the cost or the nuisance of another long-term phone contract. Simple and easy to use, it’s a freelancer’s first step in the right direction.

Organized and tidy to-do lists

Staying focused and productive can be tough for newbie freelancers. Sure, you’ve set your schedule and those deadlines seem way off in the distant future, but working from home can be a gauntlet of distractions. The best way to keep yourself on task and productive throughout the day is with a streamlined focus management tool that turns your to-do list into an organized schedule. That’s where Focuster Productivity App comes into play. This organizing assistant helps you work more efficiently by prioritizing tasks and auto-scheduling them in your calendar, tracking your progress, and utilizing smart reminders so you work more efficiently and stay focused on the tasks at hand.

Automate invoicing

You’ve done the work and submitted it for client approval. Now, the tricky part—invoicing. Not everyone is an administrative guru, and that’s why every successful freelancer needs a reliable and automated invoicing system. Invoice Crowd is an electronic invoicing software system that not only organizes your invoices but also creates compelling and winning proposals and can systemize your entire accounting function. Now you can spend less time administrating and more time actually working.

Streamline your scheduling

Being a freelancer means you’ve got to do it all. You need to find timesavers and dependable platforms that help you work efficiently and effectively, so you can focus on the tasks you do best. Setting up meetings with clients or other team members can be time-consuming and all-encompassing. TimeSync Pro is the only online meeting scheduler that allows you to keep tabs on existing meetings and calls, seamlessly sync people, and qualify meetings before they happen. It’s kind of like a personal assistant without the expensive overhead.

Pitch-perfect presentations

Ah, the pitch. One of the most frustrating things about being a freelancer is waiting to hear back on a pitch. Sizle lets you create, share, and track high-converting presentations with just a few clicks. Beyond creation, this platform enables you to know exactly when your documents are opened and even lets you see what slides engaged your viewers the most with slide-by-slide analytics. Shorten your sales cycle and close more deals with this lifetime subscription to Sizle Pro Design Platform.

Project management mastery

Ultimately, as a freelancer, you want to get those big gigs that enable you to contract out team members or consult with an existing team as an expert in your field, and that means you have got to be able to hold your own as a project manager. Hubstaff Tasks Premium is an agile-focused project management tool with built-in time-tracking, sprints, daily stand-ups, timelines, roadmaps, and more. Stay in scope and on time with a lifetime subscription to Hubstaff Tasks Premium.

Have your work speak for yourself

When you are building your freelance business, you’ve got to have reach, and there’s no better way to boost it than with some earned media. Having a press kit on your site that’s professional and inviting will make your business shine for journalists and potential clients alike. PressKitHero is a streamlined, easy-to-use tool that enables you to build, host, and edit all-important press kits. Impress potential clients and media with awards, works, videos, logos, and much more with this lifetime subscription to PressKitHero.

Freelancing offers you flexible hours, independence, and the opportunity to earn more than a salaried position, but none of those things will matter without the necessary administrative systems in place. Ensure your success and longevity by starting off on the right foot. You’re good at what you do, and you deserve an opportunity to say goodbye to office politics and hello to a world of your own making.


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