In 25 years, new cars could be unrecognizable thanks to technology

CNET, Roadshow’s parent website, is celebrating its 25th birthday this year. The world of transportation has changed immensely over the last quarter century, but how will it be different in the next?

We’ve asked automotive industry experts to weigh in on that very question, covering topics from battery technology to autonomy to flying cars. Yes, even flying cars.

In the not-too-distant future, electrified vehicles will dominate the roads, particularly in places like Europe and China. They’ll play an important, if less-significant role in America, too. Self-driving or autonomous cars are also expected to become a thing in the next 25 years, though how automated they’ll truly be remains to be seen. 

What about alternative propulsion solutions? Hydrogen fuel cells could become more important, though this technology is predicted to remain a relatively small player. For all the details on what’s to come in the next quarter century, make sure to watch the video embedded above. 

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