Bradford Tech Week turns to YouTube to support learning

A BIG part of Bradford Tech Week 2020 has been the event’s YouTube channel where tech-related learning videos from a number of firms and organisations is available.

Local firm BTL, supermarket Morrisons, and Openreach, which has a training facility in Bradford, all talk about the opportunities for tech-related careers within their companies.

In addition an expert at Bradford University explores AI learning across a number of videos posted to the channel.

BTL is a global software development company based in Shipley, which has developed a software called Surpass, used to deliver online tests in schools and companies.


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Their video aims to show that jobs in the tech industry are more than just coding, so they focus on what it’s like to work in their design team.

Head of design, Richard London says: “The work we do is varied from designing the software’s user interface, user experience design, website design and development, and digital graphic design. Our primary goal is to support the development and marketability of Surpass.”

They go on to show how they develop an idea and how each of the team members play their part in the process.

The Openreach video, highlights a number of their workers in the Bradford district, who talk about their experiences within the firm, which is the UK’s digital network business.

One says: “I like working for Openreach because I train people to be engineers. It’s really rewarding as I get to see them fulfil the role.”

2018 saw a new fibre engineering school being established in Bradford by the firm, one of 12 training centres across the UK.

Another worker adds: “So when you can’t watch your TV programmes and you can’t do your homework online it’s really great feeling to be able to to fix all that and you kind of feel a little bit like a superhero for getting everybody connected again.”

Anmol Bassra, who works for digital and online delivery at Morrisons, says in the firm’s video that he joined its technology graduate scheme, and didn’t realise how wide the business was until he joined.

“I enjoy my role as I get to work with a great team who enjoy delivering our end product which ultimately improves our customers’ experience.”

Tech Week has been launched by Bradford Means Business, The Telegraph & Argus, LOCALiQ and tech experts Exa Networks. The initiative aims to help young people into careers in digital industries.

The programme is all online this year, with the workshops, and videos available on the Tech Week YouTube channel.

Tech Week aims to firmly place the idea of tech as a career into the minds of school and college students across the district and challenge them to think about how tech impacts on almost every type of business.

The team behind the initiative have been working closely with the University of Bradford, Bradford College, City Fibre, Exa Networks, Cloud2, Teledyne, BTL, Virtual College, and Emerald, to develop an interactive programme for students and give them a taste of life in the tech sector.


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