AlphaGraphics Kansas City Launches agMail+ Marketing Package, Integrating Direct Mail with Digital Marketing & Lead Tracking

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“We have already seen incredible results and responses from agMail+ and can’t wait to continue helping businesses evolve their marketing strategy.” -Haley Haar, AlphaGraphics Kansas City President

In today’s world of pandemics and political unrest, it is harder than ever to grab consumers’ attention. AlphaGraphics Kansas City is working to help organizations boost the ROI of their direct mail campaigns by up to 46% with agMail+. Eight advanced technologies support direct mail and track response data across platforms in a single easy-to-use dashboard. agMail+ pairs traditional mail with digital marketing to improve response rates with:

1. Personalization and Variable Data Printing. Personalization is no longer limited to just including a prospect’s name on a piece of mail. With agMail+, businesses can match prospects’ interests to custom imagery, offers and other data integrated into direct mail design.

2. Social Match. Social match connects prospects’ social media accounts with their mailing address, enabling businesses to serve their message on social platforms before direct mail reaches a physical mailbox.

3. Mail Tracking. U.S. Postal Service barcodes make mail easily trackable and available in the agMail+ dashboard. Organizations are able to predict and know exactly when the mail is delivered.

4. Informed Delivery. In an integration with the USPS’ Informed Delivery technology, agMail+ users are able to accompany direct mail with a clickable digital ad.

5. Social Follow-up. With social follow-up, agMail+ users reach direct mail recipients on social media with ads that match the direct mail messaging, providing another opportunity to connect.

6. Online Follow-up. When a prospect has visited a business’s website but did not take action, retargeted online ads keep the brand in front of the user and encourage a follow-up site visit.

7. Call Tracking. Call tracking technology can identify calls that were received as a result of a direct mail campaign, providing valuable insight into campaign performance and a prospect’s history with the brand.

8. LeadMatch. Finally, true attribution of who visited a website based on direct mail! LeadMatch tracks website visitors and matches their data to additional contact information available. At the end of a campaign, users are given a count of website visitors that were identified as recipients of the direct mail. Additionally, website visitors who were not on the mailing list can be identified as future prospects for additional marketing efforts.

Direct mail has been a frequently overlooked element in marketing budgets and campaigns over the past few years. However, with more people looking to the mailbox for comfort and entertainment, direct mail is more important now than ever. Consumers’ limited mobility means that marketers have a more captive audience to utilize mail to drive traffic toward a website.

“We at AlphaGraphics Kansas City are beyond excited to be able to offer such a robust and advanced new approach to direct mail,” said Haley Haar, AlphaGraphics Kansas City President. “We have already seen incredible results and responses from agMail+ and can’t wait to continue helping businesses evolve their marketing strategy.”

About AlphaGraphics Kansas City

Located in the creative Crossroads Arts District, AlphaGraphics Kansas City is a certified Women Owned business that specializes in helping businesses solve marketing problems. The printing company’s production specialties include digital color and large format printing. With the addition of agMail+, AlphaGraphics Kansas City has further enhanced its level of customer service and competitive advantage.

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