At-home kits allow Concordia fine arts students the full remote-learning experience

‘It’s all about creative problem-solving during the pandemic’

Laverdière and her fellow technician Joé Côté-Rancourt have spent the last few weeks handing out sculpture and ceramics kits from the unused foundry in the Visual Arts (VA) Building. Clay, metal, woodcarving and mould-making kits, stacked on pallets for easy delivery, sit alongside custom-built worktables that students can drill and hammer on.

Students have been really excited to get their materials.

“It feels like Christmas,” Laverdière says. “Everything was a bit blurred before, so getting a pack of clay, getting different colours, getting tools, really makes it more real and ready to get your hands working with the materials.”

For Ortiz-Apuy, the kits are an expression of the collective resourcefulness that the pandemic has brought out among the faculty, staff and students in the fine arts. Since March, he’s seen many other examples sprouting from Concordia’s arts community.

“For some students, that has meant banding together to rent a studio. For others it has been about repurposing materials or making public installations on their balconies and windows. It’s all about creative problem-solving during the pandemic.”

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