Why it is the best time to conceive while working from home explains Gynaecologist Dr Madhavi Reddy

Due to the global pandemic, most of the organisations have provided the work from home opportunity. And doctors believe it is a good time for couples to start their family while working from home. So, Dr Madhavi Reddy, Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist of Motherhood Hospitals, Bangalore, shares the reasons for it.

The global pandemic has changed our life from every aspect. Even there has been a drastic change amongst couples who were thinking to start their family from this year. Due to this sensitive situation, they are now postponing the decision. Those who were about to consult a doctor for the treatment of fertility issues are also keeping it on hold for now.

But according to doctors, this can be a good time to conceive and fulfil your dreams of parenthood. Dr Madhavi Reddy, Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist of Motherhood Hospitals, Bangalore, has shared why this is the most perfect time to start your family while working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here’s why you should think about conceiving while working from home now:

Working from home

Due to the global pandemic, many organisations have provided the work-from-home opportunity to their employees. And that’s the most positive and convenient point to think about pregnancy right now. Couples can plan about it properly since they are staying at home all the time. Having any delay due to Coronavirus may lead to infertility issues as pregnancy is indeed age-sensitive.


Due to the work-from-home opportunity, would-be-mothers can take care of their health in the right way. They can take proper rest in between the flexible working hours. They can follow a strict diet, opt for online prenatal yoga classes, do breathing exercises and meditation to relieve stress, etc. These all things will keep them healthy and active which is the most important factor during pregnancy. Also, an active body during pregnancy increases the endorphin levels which boost our mood.

Online consultation

Tele-consultation has been the new normal during the pandemic. Since mothers need to consult doctors during pregnancy a lot, they will be the most benefitted ones from this online consultation. They don’t need to go anywhere as their doctors are just a video call away. But they need to visit their doctors if it is for prenatal scans or for an emergency.

No work-related travel

Work-from-home has now lowered the travel pressure as well, which is also a plus point for the couples to think about being parents. They don’t need to travel anywhere and can be at their own comfort zone throughout the pregnancy.

No visitors

Due to the social distancing norms there will be fewer visitors at home during the pregnancy. There are some added responsibilities you need to serve towards the guests like entertaining them, cooking for them, etc. These all can be a big burden on you. But during this COVID-19 situation, there will be no such pressure.

Quality time with family

During pregnancy, women generally get stressed out, become vulnerable and anxious. So, they need family support a lot to feel positive this time. Hence, during this time, they can be with their family for the entire day and spend good time. This is the best time when families can be around them and plan everything accordingly.

According to WHO and other health organisations, pregnancy doesn’t put someone at a greater risk of having COVID-19 and mother-to-baby transmissions are rare. Gynaecologists can show the right path to the mothers as they are aware of the pandemic and deal with it every day.

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